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The father was a famous Bollywood actor but the son has no job

How many stars have come and gone in Bollywood, but there are some stars who have left such an impression in this industry that they will be remembered year after year. One of them is Raj Kumar. Prince, who is remembered for his strong voice and dialogue. But you will be surprised to know that actor Rajkumar’s son has been forced to survive in Bollywood today as a minor character. Her son is in the headlines on social media today.


Seen in Brahmachari.

The prince has 3 sons, among whom his son Puru has entered Bollywood. Although he worked in a few films, he could not make a special acquaintance like Baba Rajkumar. He had to work hard to get a job in the Bollywood industry. In 1996, he became known for his work in several films, such as Brahmachari and Hamara Dil Aapke Paas Hai.

Although Puru did not get a big role in these films, he was seen in a small role. He also acted in some more films like Mission Kashmir and Bir. But he could not achieve the position that the father prince had.


It took a lot of hard work to play a small character.

Thick is not noticed by most people, no one thinks that he is the son of famous actor Rajkumar. Where the children of other celebrities get offers to do good pictures quickly, they do not have to work hard, while Puru has to work hard to get small roles.


Today, there is hardly any Star Kid left from Karan Johar, whom he did not hire in his film. Karan only hires star kids, then makes them stars again with their main role. But it seems to be getting lost somewhere in the thick Bollywood industry.

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