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The family was suffering from a debt of 5 lakh rupees, had to do the work of sweeping – today this young man owns crores of rupees

In the 35th match between Gujarat Titans and Kolkata Knight Riders, Kolkata has added Rinku Singh to the playing XI. Kolkata Knight Riders have bought this player for Rs 55 lakh in the mega vacation of IPL. And even before that Rinku Singh was part of the Kolkata team. Now everyone must be wondering who is this Rinku Singh? What is his background? Etc. Let us know the complete information through this article.

Rinku Singh lives in Aligarh. He spent his childhood in a very poor condition. Rinkura had 5 brothers. Rinku wears number three out of 5 people. Rinku’s father used to go from house to house to deliver cylinders to support his family. Cricket has been very popular since childhood. He had a special interest in cricket. He played cricket very well from a young age. But due to lack of money there came a time when he had to give up cricket.

One of Rinku Singh’s brothers drove an auto and the other worked a small job at a tuition center to support his family financially. But Rinku failed 9th grade and then dropped out. So he could not get a job because he was not well educated. When Rinku asked one of his brothers for help finding a job, his brother found Rinku a broomstick. It was then that Rinku realized that if anyone could change his life, his favorite sport was cricket.

He then gave his entire focus on playing cricket. He then participated in a cricket tournament in Delhi. After winning the Man of the Match title there, he received a bike as a prize. He gave that bike to his father. So that his father can go to deliver the cylinder on that bike. At the same time, Rinku repaid the loan of Rs 5 lakh on his house while playing cricket.

In 2014, he made his List A debut against Vidarbha. Rinku Singh then led his team to many victories in domestic cricket. He is known as a very good fielder in the Kolkata Knight Riders team.

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