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The easiest way to get rid of the heat on the sidewalk, put pocket AC inside the shirt-shirt

Due to the current hot weather, people only drink some cold drinks and wear warm clothes. Those who work long hours in the sun are getting very sick this summer. In this case, keeping in mind this serious problem, Sony has brought a product in the market, which will not feel the need for AC and cooler when used outside.

There is a jacket AC which will give you a cool feeling in the hot sun. No matter where you are, just charge it, wear it and go for a walk.

Sony Reon Pocket 2

As a result of using it, you will not feel any heat at all in summer. Instead, if you want to go out in the sun, you will not feel hot if you stick it in a T-shirt or shirt. You can clip it on a cloth and carry it anywhere. Once you turn it on and once you put it on you will start to feel cool.

The Sony Reon Pocket Ac starts at Rs 14,650 / -, or 10,300 Indian Rupees. It is currently available in the Japanese market. Sony claims that the Reon Pocket 2 air conditioner needs to be attached to its own clothes by connecting it to the smartphone. Whenever you go in the summer season, you do not feel the heat because after attaching it to your clothes, it will not feel hot.

Sony Reon Pocket Ac is a portable air conditioner that is lightweight and can be carried anywhere. It serves as a useful device in the summer season. Sony has recently launched this product in the Japanese market. Although the company is thinking of launching it in some big countries of the world. You have to wait for its arrival in India.

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