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The days of worrying about AC bills are over, the new Solar AC has come on the market, know more features including price

On the one hand, the country is experiencing extreme heat, on the other hand, many states are suffering from coal shortage. In such a situation, there is a problem of power outage. Due to which ordinary people are not able to use electrical appliances like fan, cooler, AC to get relief from heat. On the other hand, even if there is electricity, the bill comes so much due to running AC-cooler that it also causes loss to the pockets of common people. In such a situation, today we will talk about an AC that runs on sunlight and does not even have electricity bill to use it.

Solar Ac

If you are thinking of installing an AC (air conditioner) to get relief from the heat, it is better to buy a solar AC instead of an AC that runs on electricity. This is a very unique AC, which runs on energy from sunlight. This solar AC cools the house in less time than regular AC. So that there is a power option.

If you do not want to run this AC with solar power, you can run this AC with the help of power option. Solar AC offers customers three options, including solar power, solar battery bank and electricity grid. To use this AC, you need to install a solar panel on the roof of your house. So that the AC can be run through the energy obtained from it. You can buy solar AC online.

Solar AC prices in India

If you go to the market to buy solar AC, you will easily find this ACT there. However, if you are looking for Solar AC on an online e-commerce website, you are more likely to get Solar AC at an affordable price.

According to the data, the price of one ton capacity solar AC is around 98 to 99 thousand, whereas for 1.5 ton capacity solar AC you may have to spend up to Rs 1.39 lakh. Although the price of solar AC is higher than that of ordinary AC, it can be used to get rid of fat electricity bills forever.

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