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The daughter of this beautiful villain like the beautiful actresses of Bollywood, but she does not like the limelight of the camera.

A few decades ago, movies had to rely heavily on villains to perform. If there were no villains in the movie, the whole movie would have seemed incomplete. Moreover, it is impossible to understand the power or qualities of the hero without the villain. Therefore, in any film, equal importance is given to the hero as well as the villain character of that film.

Villains were seen in most of the films of 80’s and 90’s. The villains in the films of that time created panic in the entire film industry through their performances. One such villain was Kulbhushan Kharbanda. Actor Kulbhushan Khanbanda has acted in many films. He has acted as a villain in most of the films.

Although the actor has acted in various roles in his career, he has made a special name for himself as a villain. He is still active in the world of cinema. Actor Kulbhushan has recently been seen in the ‘Mirzapur’ web series. He has played the role of Satyananda Tripathi. His performance in this series was really admirable. His fans have gone crazy watching his performance. He has acted in many films like ‘Monicornica’, ‘Azar’, ‘Lagan’, ‘Heraferi’, ‘Loafer’, ‘Kaliyug’, ‘Baji’, ‘Shan’. He has acted in films in Punjabi and Hindi.

The actor’s only daughter Shruti Kharbanda is almost in the limelight these days. However, he is not connected with the world of cinema in that way. She is a jewelry designer by profession. But she is very beautiful. He often shares pictures on social media. It’s nice to see him in those pictures.

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