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The cute girl who played the character of Sneha in ‘Kasauti Zindegite’ is now a beautiful young woman, the whole look has changed.

The most popular program on the television screen is ‘Kasauti Zindegi Ke Aaj’. Every character of this show has taken place in the hearts of the viewers. The show’s protagonists Anurag Basu and Prerna Sharma often appear in Limelight. Kamalika is the villain in this serial. The audience also likes him a lot.

Mr. Bajaj later became part of the show to bring a twist to the serial. The series became a superhit due to the very good performance of all the characters in the serial. Sneha Bajaj has done very well in the role of Mr. Bajaj’s daughter. But his real actress is Shreya Sharma. Like many other actors, he joined the TV series as a small artist in his childhood. Shreya used to act very nicely even though she was young.

After joining the serial, he got the love of many people. He once captivated everyone by playing his beautiful innocent child character. Since then, Shreya has acted as a child actress in many TV serials. But now the actress has grown up a lot. He has changed a lot from before.

Actress Shreya Sharma is very active on social media. However, he is no longer in the lime light of the camera. She is away from the world of TV serials or glamorous. He is now working as an established lawyer. He often updates his personal life on social media. His pictures went viral as soon as they were shared. Actress Shreya Sharma has also been honored with the National Award.

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