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The country’s first air-conditioned railway station, like the airport will meet the opportunity

Those who travel by plane get much more benefits than other vehicles. However, there is one city in the country where the railway station has been built world class. This railway terminal is well known all over the world. Here you will find all the amenities like an airport.

The first Centralized Air Conditioner Railway Terminal in India, located at Bangalore. The first central air-conditioned railway station was named Sir M Visvesvaraya Terminal. The work of building the station has often been done. Hopefully, it will be launched soon. It was a little late to turn to Covid for the situation.

Railway Minister Piyush Goel said this while releasing pictures of the station. He said that the terminal will be named after the civil engineer Bharat Ratna Sir M. In the name of Visvesvaraya. It was built in the Bayapanahalli area of ​​Bangalore. After the launch of this station. There will be less traffic congestion at SR Bangalore and Yashwant stations.

The railway station is fully AC. This station is equipped with all the modern facilities. This railway station looks exactly like the airport. The construction of the centralized AC terminal has cost around Rs 314 crore. With the launch of the country’s first AC railway station, more express trains will run to Bangalore. Most of the districts of Karnataka will be connected to the capital Bangalore by rail.

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