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The color of the collar of the shirt is related to the work, see which category you fall into

You have often heard that maybe someone is in a white collar job or he is a blue collar worker. But very few people know why different colors are used to do different things. Also, there are many colorful jobs that you may not have heard of. However, they have separate sections for jobs. Such as- Pink Collar Worker, Black Collar Job etc.

Certain colors have been assigned to different jobs. Which shows what kind of work a person is doing. Each color indicates the employees working in a particular sector. Today we will tell you which color is used for what kind of work.

1) Pink color job: Among them low paid workers later. They are not very educated. They got a middle education. For example, librarians, receptionists, etc. are included in this department.

2) White color job: Smart boy, white collar. The most discussed are the employees of this category. This includes professionals working in the office. They are part of the management. Many skilled people work in it. Their salary is also much better.

3) Open Color Job: This includes those employees who work permanently from home. This tag became quite famous during the epidemic. So the number of employees working from home through the internet has increased significantly. All companies are now trying to adopt WFH culture.

4) Black color job: Employees working in mining or oil industry fall into this category. Most people use it for those who work in the black market.

5) Blue color job: Blue color job is where the working class works. Employees working in this sector are paid hourly or daily wages based on their work performance.

6) Gold Collar Job: The most qualified workers come in this department. Such as- doctors, lawyers, scientists etc. In a word, they are considered to be the most deserving.

6) Gray color job: Employees who work after retirement are included in this category. This includes people over the age of 65, such as healthcare professionals and IT professionals.

6) Green Color Job: Green color job includes those employees who benefit the environment in one way or another. This includes workers working in areas related to solar panels, green peace and other environmentally friendly energy sources.

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