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The coldest hill station in India, with snowfall even during the summer season

It is May in India. The heat is also full. People are using fan, AC, cooler etc. to escape from the heat. But even after all this, it is not possible to get rid of the heat properly and the mind wants to go to a cold climate area. If you want to get rid of this unbearable heat, there are some places in India where there is snow all year round. If you want to get rid of the heat, go to a place like this. Let’s find out which is the coldest hill station in India.

1) Rohtang Pass: You can visit Rohtang Pass to enjoy the cool climate in summer season. It belongs to the Pir Panjal range. This hill station connects Kullu town in Himachal Pradesh with Lahaul and Spiti valleys. This place is located at an altitude of about 13000 feet above sea level.

The Rohtang Pass is covered with a white sheet of snow all year round. Due to which you can see the beautiful and captivating view of nature here. You can go to Rohtang Pass between June and October. This is because at this time the place is open for tourists to go around. In addition, the hill station also does adventure activities like skating, snow scooter and skiing. Here you can visit with your partner, family and friends.

2) Dras: Dras Hill Station, located in the valley of Jammu and Kashmir, is the last hill station in the state. It has cold and snowy weather all year round. This place is located at an altitude of 1060 feet above sea level. It is possible to enjoy cool temperatures even in Dras summer.

You can also see snow on the high mountains of Dras in May. Trekking is very easy in these hills. This hill station is a favorite destination of tourists. Not only that, there are many religious places for Hindus in Dras and there is a unique confluence of faith.

3) Kargil: It is a beautiful hill station on the banks of the river Indus. This place evokes memories of war in people’s minds. However, there is a beautiful place a little away from the battlefield of Kargil which is situated at an altitude of 60 feet above sea level.

From this hill station you will have the opportunity to see the beautiful mountain ranges of the Himalayas. And the beautiful view of the snow on the top of the high mountain will make your trip more beautiful. Normal temperatures in Kargil range from -32 degrees Celsius to -47 degrees Celsius even in summer.

4) Amarnath: The Amarnath site in Jammu and Kashmir is one of the holiest pilgrimage sites in Hinduism. This place has very cold weather all year round. It is located at an altitude of about 12658 feet above sea level. Even the Shivling of Amarnath cave is made of ice. And most of the hills in Amarnath are covered with snow all year round. Due to this Amarnath Jatra is considered to be very difficult. So if you have the strength to walk on rough roads and endure the cold weather, you can think of going to Amarnath.

5) Spiti: Spiti district is a beautiful place located in Himachal Pradesh. In winter, the Spiti Valley is covered with a white sheet of snow.

If you want to get relief from the extreme heat, you can plan to go to Spiti. The cool climate and the beautiful scenery of nature are worth remembering for a lifetime. During the winter season, the temperature at this hill station drops to -30 degrees Celsius. So here you can have a great holiday with your family or partner.

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