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The Bollywood star has a long association with the controversy, one of whom is accused of hurting religious feelings.

Celebrities in the Bollywood industry are always in the headlines for one reason or another. Even their petty issues and minor mistakes often have a bad effect on people’s eyes. And they have to face strong opposition. The issue is about celebrities who are accused of hurting religious feelings in the film.

Shahrukh Khan

At number one in this list is the name of ‘Shahrukh Khane’. He was accused of hurting the feelings of the Sikh community. In the trailer for ‘Zero’, Shah Rukh Khan is seen wearing a kirpan with a vest, which was objected to by the Sikh community. The matter was then taken to court. Later the producers had to change this view.

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone, Ranbir Singh and Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film ‘Ram Leela’ proved to be a hit at the box office. However, there are also allegations of hurting religious feelings in the film. The film ‘Ram Leela’ was accused of misrepresenting the religious festival of Ram Leela. At the same time, Bajirao Mastani was accused of misrepresenting Maratha leaders and Kashibai. Apart from this, the Hindu right wing Karni Sena strongly opposed his film ‘Padmavat’. Corny Sena also staged nationwide protests demanding a ban on the film.

Amir khan

Prince Hirani’s ‘PK’ starring ‘Aamir Khan’ is one of the most successful and popular Bollywood films. But this film also had to face a lot of controversy. Aamir and the filmmakers were accused of making fun of Hindu deities in the film. However, the veteran BJP leader praised LK Adbani after watching the film.

Akshay Kumar (Akshay Kumar)

Superstar Akshay Kumar was also accused of hurting religious sentiments. There was a lot of controversy over her film ‘Laxmi’. Actors and producers were accused of mocking the name of Hindu goddess Lakshmi. Recently, Akshay had to face a lot of criticism for his upcoming film ‘Ram Setu’. Following the release of the film’s poster, netizens reportedly criticized the actor for his tagline. The poster’s tagline is ‘False or Reality?’ Wrote, which many did not like. It was trolled by a section of netizens to cast doubt on the history of Hinduism.

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