The Best WandaVision Theories for How the Demonstrate Ends

WandaVision Theories Marvel Disney+

Marvel’s WandaVision is a trippy display. We have questions! And some plausible solutions. Marvel/Disney+

4 episodes into Marvel’s WandaVision on Disney+ and it’s continue to not entirely very clear what is likely on in this decidedly experimental departure from common Marvel Cinematic Universe fare. The sequence, which is unsurprisingly not very as significant of a strike as its Star Wars cousin The Mandalorian on Disney+, is intentionally opaque in its overarching design and deliberately odd in its sitcom-structure execution. Episode 4, “We Interrupt This System,” peeled back the curtain a little bit, but not enough to provide all the answers.

So to far better navigate the remaining five episodes, we’re accumulating the greatest theories for what’s heading on and how the exhibit will conclusion. Our hope is to supply a roadmap so followers can start checking important aspects lurking beneath the floor. Listed here are the large concerns, and their most plausible answers.

wandavision kathryn hahn agnes agatha harkness

Just who is Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) meant to be? Is she Marvel’s Agatha Harkness in disguise? Marvel

Who is the Large Lousy of the sequence?

Assuming Wanda is not unveiled to be the unintentional (or intentional) villain of the present, who is the most important antagonist? Kathryn Hahn’s Agnes plainly knows extra than she is permitting on and she was the only townsperson to not be effectively determined by SWORD in Episode 4. Numerous all over the internet think “Agnes” could be Agatha Harkness, a witch from the comics who was something of an anti-hero, but often served as a more-or-significantly less supportive mentor to Wanda. If Agnes and her mysteriously under no circumstances noticed husband Ralph are not the villains of WandaVision, who else might fit the invoice?

Other eagle eyed viewers have observed numerous allusions, references and iconography connected to the Satan, which suggests that a character named Mephisto could be the legitimate negative dude of WandaVision. In Marvel Comics, Mephisto is a devil-like entity who has previously tangled with Wanda in hopes of absorbing her powerful young children. Why would Westview host a fundraiser “for the children” when we have however to see any outside of Tommy and Billy? Dotti even claims “The devil’s in the facts,” to which Agnes replies, “That’s not the only put he is.” Suspicious.

Most likely Mephisto is manipulating occasions and employing Westview as an incubator to position himself to pounce when Wanda and Eyesight are notably susceptible. This would participate in into Darcy Lewis’ question from “We Interrupt This Program” of who is censoring the sitcom broadcasts as effectively.

Why does Vision question the fact?

As WandaVision can take position after Avengers: Endgame, the audience is effectively informed that Paul Bettany’s Vision is dead. Episode 4 even reminds us of this with the harrowing shot of a grey and brain stone-less Eyesight reminiscent of his loss of life at the hands of Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. Through her skills or many otherworldly forces, Wanda has brought him back again to some semblance of lifestyle for WandaVision.

Nonetheless every time Vision starts to concern the mother nature of their actuality (this sort of as her inexplicable being pregnant timeline) or they are confronted with an invading force from the serious planet (these as the beekeeper), Wanda reset her alternate fact and wipes the self-consciousness from Vision’s mind. She also opts not to inform him about Geraldine’s point out of Ultron, which is suspect. Nonetheless she’s not conscious of his odd encounters with fellow figures these kinds of as Agnes, Herb and the household Physician that also trace at the genuine mother nature of this truth. Extensive tale small, Vision’s new existence is seemingly linked to the bogus fact within just Westview.

No matter whether it be by realization and self-sacrifice or this fake reality shattering under the bodyweight of work, it looks increasingly very likely that Eyesight will not make it out of this clearly show alive.

Evan Peters played Wanda's brother, Quicksilver, in Fox's X-Men films

Evan Peters played Wanda’s brother, Quicksilver, in Fox’s X-Gentlemen movies. 20th Century Fox

Who is Evan Peters enjoying (and does it tie into the X-Gentlemen movies)?

Actor Evan Peters, ideal identified as Quicksilver from Fox’s X-Adult males movies, is reportedly playing a secret purpose in WandaVision though he has however to seem on monitor by way of the 1st 4 episodes. One popular idea implies he may possibly be reprising his job as Quicksilver now that Fox is underneath the Disney banner (Aaron Taylor-Johnson played Wanda’s brother Pietro/Quicksilver in Age of Ultron). This would mean WandaVision engages in some sort of wonky multiverse narrative that fuses jointly a variety of continuities similar to what is expected in December’s untitled 3rd Tom Holland-led Spider-Man function. That would shake up the set up regulations of the MCU and delivered limitless fodder for theorization and speculation. But it is not the only common concept as to his part in the exhibit.

An additional speculates that Peters will basically perform the grown up model of Tommy, who gets to be the speedster (nicknamed Velocity) in the comics. The pondering goes that WandaVision toggles by means of various a long time at a sprint not only to amalgamate a selection of distinct sitcoms by means of the several years but also as a way to age up Wanda and Vision’s young children quickly with a simple rationalization. Wanda’s kids could also be employed to most likely set up a Young Avengers challenge, which has been rumored for some time.

Or, Peters could even be Mephisto if our other principle is accurate. Or, perhaps he’s someone totally surprising. We’ll have to wait to discover out.

Will Physician Weird come to the rescue?

When very first debating the achievable outcomes of WandaVision very last yr months right before it premiered, we considered a Doctor Odd cameo was not likely. But provided how Disney+ is not afraid to re-introduce huge names (see: The Mandalorian), we have begun to rethink our stance.

Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has by now confirmed that WandaVision feeds into Health care provider Bizarre in the Multiverse of Madness and that Elizabeth Olsen will be appearing in the sequel. With Spider-Man 3 also set to element Medical professional Unusual and contact on the multiverse notion (presumably) it helps make sense that Benedict Cumberbatch would make some form of visual appearance. We are, just after all, dealing with an alternate fact that is bleeding into the authentic world. Honestly, it looks like Strange ought to previously be on the scene offered how firmly that falls below his territory.

house of m wandavision no more mutants

From Brian Michael Bendis and Oliver Coipel’s Household of M: “No additional mutants.” Marvel

Is this the MCU’s Household of M? Or is it anything else?

In the comics, just one of Wanda’s defining storylines is Brian Michael Bendis and Oliver Coipel’s sequence Household of M, the anchor of a line-large crossover in the X-Gentlemen books that kicks off in the wake of Wanda having a mental breakdown, in the wake of getting rid of her youngsters. As a way to cope with her decline, she builds a total-blown alternate truth that encompasses the world—just as she does to Westview in WandaVision—and as Wolverine, Medical professional Strange and other heroes are created aware of the truth, they ought to crew up to right it.

The similarities are presently there, but the issue is irrespective of whether the finish of WandaVision will observe with that of Household of M. At the conclusion of the comedian collection, confronted with the bogus truth she developed, Wanda utters a few terms, “No extra mutants,” that have since grow to be renowned in new comics history. Her 1-liner alters reality all over again, ideal back to the place it begun, with a very important variation: only 198 of the mutants in the Marvel universe are left. Tens of millions a lot more are de-run, which include some of the franchise’s biggest gamers.

It continues to be to be viewed how that climax will or won’t be adapted to the MCU’s WandaVision. With Multiverse of Insanity, foreseeable future MCU debuts of figures like the X-Gentlemen and the Amazing 4 on the horizon, anything is possible. Could WandaVision finish with the creation of mutants in the MCU? Or the generation of a pathway to universes like Fox’s X-Men timeline, allowing for them to bleed jointly? Could it be setting up an totally diverse scenario? We’ll have to stay tuned to obtain out.

WandaVision‘s first four episodes are now at the moment streaming on Disney+.

The Best ‘WandaVision’ Theories for the Show’s Second Half