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The actor and Madhavan’s son made the country famous to the world by becoming the swimming champion

There are very good athletes and runners in the country. Those who are increasing the reputation of the country by bringing some gold, silver and brunch every year. Today everyone is proud of them. Let me tell you today, the children of Bollywood stars are no less. The actor and Madhavan’s son R. Madhbon did something that the whole country is proud of today.

R Madhavan is a Bollywood actor. His son’s name is Vedanta, who has become a swimming champion this year. Such good news has made her proud of her son. Apart from that, everyone is very appreciative of Vedanta. He became the 1500m swimming champion in the Danish opening freestyle. He has won a silver medal. R. Madhbon shared a video. Many congratulations came in the comment box below the video.

And Madhavan shared a post on Twitter congratulating his son. He also retweeted the post of the Swimming Federation of India and wrote, He became the champion in the Danish Open Championship. Many thanks to coach Pradeep Sir, SFI, ANSA for this. I am very proud.

All his fans and Bollywood actors have congratulated him on this post. Everyone has given many blessings to Vedanta. Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan also commented on the post, congratulating Madhavan. Rejoicing at the boy’s victory, Madhavan shared a post on his Instagram account.

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