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The 7-year-old woman has made the whole village self-reliant, showing a new way of earning from farming

If you want to be a successful person, you have to do everything with dedication and hard work. It is this hard work that ultimately leads to success. Nowadays women are in no way inferior to men. Women are also working in the field and making good profits from the field using their innovative techniques. Today we are going to talk about a woman who is cultivating mushrooms on her land without looking at her age limit.

Today that woman is earning a lot of money by cultivating that mushroom. In fact, we are talking about Nikko Devi who is a resident of Ujha village in Panipath, Haryana. He is 6 years old. He said, ‘One day I took my animal to graze and saw a lot of people sitting outside the Agricultural Science Center on the way. Seeing the people sitting, we also reached there. I asked them what are so many people sitting here?

‘So one of those people told us about the discussion there.’ “There is talk of mushroom cultivation and people are being trained on mushrooms,” he said. Hearing this, Nikko Devi started thinking and she started thinking that she too would learn about mushroom cultivation and cultivate mushrooms. He then met Dr. Rajbir Gorg and Dr. Satpal, in-charge of the Agricultural Science Center.

He expressed his desire to know about mushroom cultivation. The in-charge of the Agricultural Science Center was very surprised to hear about Nikko Devi. He then gave Nikki Devi some time to learn training in mushroom cultivation. When Nikko Devi learned about mushroom cultivation very well, she started cultivating mushrooms on her land. “Everyone in the village and my family used to make fun of me when we started growing mushrooms in our fields,” he said.

Everyone used to make fun of us saying that this uneducated fool would cultivate mushrooms. People start talking very bad about them. But they continue to work and work hard, ignoring those people. Nikko Devi said, “We started cultivating mushrooms in our field by buying about 100 bags at the initial stage.”

“About one kg of mushrooms can be produced from that one bag.” For mushroom cultivation, if you buy a bag from Krishi Vigyan Kendra, you will get this bag for 102 rupees and if you buy it from the market, you will get it up to 60 rupees. However, if you do the experiment yourself, then prepare a bag of mushrooms, then it will cost you only 50 rupees.

Many women in their village make their own mushroom bags. And it is getting very good benefits. Sending a bag of mushrooms to the market earns about two and a half lakh rupees. Today Nikko Devi is earning lakhs of rupees by cultivating mushrooms in her field. He is currently producing about 1000 bags of mushrooms. They are earning lakhs of rupees.

Nikko Devi said, ‘Many women from our village come to us to learn about mushroom cultivation. We talk to all those women about mushroom cultivation. Today, Nikko Devi has become an inspiration to all those women who, despite their young age, continue to work hard and persevere towards success. He encouraged all the women in his area to cultivate mushrooms.

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