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The 11 most popular comedians in the history of Bollywood

Today we will try to tell you about the top comedians who are rarely seen nowadays. Today it seems that the craze of comedy films has decreased or the production of such films has decreased. Not only that, in the comedy movies that are coming now, only heroes are seen playing comedy roles. But until a few years ago, comedy stars were different, villains were different, heroes were different.

Obviously, in today’s films, only actors have started doing comedy, but before, comedians had a special place in films. Many actors have acted as comedians in over a hundred films. Many of these comedians have also received great recognition. But now the place of comedy artists in the film has decreased. Let’s take a look at the artists who brought happiness to people’s faces.

Kader Khan

1) Kader Khan.

What if you don’t remember the famous names and veteran actors of the comedy world? Yes, Quader Khan, famous as a dialogue writer, has done comedy in many films. When Quader Khan and Govinda came on screen, there was a color of comedy that never faded.

Johnny Lever

2) Johnny Lever.

The mere presence of actors in the film, people would go to see the movie, yes, the presence of Johnny Lever in any film guarantees 100% that the film will be full of comedy. Not only that, in many films he also lost to the lead actor and people remembered his performance more. Johnny Liver used to make people happy even in the midst of serious scenes.

Rajpal Yadav

3) Rajpal Yadav.

Comedy scenes come to mind when people hear his name. Little did anyone think that Rajpal Yadav would make a name for himself in the world of actors, big or small, that it would not be easy to compete with him. When Rajpal Yadav came on screen, he made the audience laugh. When Rajpal entered the film industry, very few people knew him. But today there will be no one who does not know him. Not only that, some of Rajpal’s characters were so brilliant that people would get tired of laughing. The movie Chup Chup Ke is one of them.

Sanjay Mishra

4) Sanjay Mishra.

Rich in multifaceted talent, Sanjay Mishra has recently appeared in a new type of character in ‘Bahut Hua Samman’. Sanjay Mishra is a spontaneous comedian who has less smile and more smile. Sanjay is still seen in many films. Its different styles and country style give people their own feeling, which connects them directly with small towns and urban people. This is why people like Sanjay very much.

Paresh Rawal

5) Paresh Rawal.

When Paresh Rawal’s name came up, the character of Babu Vaiya came to the fore. Paresh Rawal did an amazing job in this film, which set a new record in the world of comedy.


6) Asrani.

Asarani was a famous and popular comedian of his time. There was a time when no film would be complete without him. Every filmmaker wanted to make him a part of their film.

Rajjak Khan

7) Razzak Khan.

Razzak Khan, who is such an actor, always played the role of a hooligan, but he also laughed at these characters. Many of his characters are still remembered by people, which makes people laugh even today.

Bomani Irani

8) Boman Iranian.

Munna Bhai MBBS Boman Irani has also appeared as a comedian in many films. He also smiles less and smiles more like Sanjay Mishra. He is rarely seen in movies nowadays.


9) Mahmoud.

Actor and director Mehmood’s main strength was comedy. Mehmood used to put a smile on the face of the audience in his own style. He was always known for this style.

Shakti Kapoor

10) Shakti Kapoor.

Shakti Kapoor, who has been called the comedy king of the last century, does not need a separate identity today. He has made his mark in the Bollywood industry with his comedy character. Shakti Kapoor is still known for her comedy style. “Nandu sabka bandhu ai”, “Mai ek nanha sa .. pyara sa bachcha hu”. Even today Shakti Kapoor is equally popular as before.

Satish Kaushik

11) Satish Kaushik.

Satish Kaushik, the most famous comedian of the last century, needs no recognition. He entertained the audience by playing the role of Pappu Pager in the movie Diwana Mastana. Besides, he has entertained the audience by acting in many films.

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