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Tenth class pass women’s field who made the island, Google is also praising

Everyone has some problems in their life. Everyone struggles with their own problems. Again, some people are defeated in the face of that problem. But many struggle with their problems and eventually win. Today the story of such a woman has come to the fore. In front of which there was a big problem.

But he dealt with it and created an example that surprised everyone. The name of this woman is Kiran Kumari Rajput. Kiran Kumari is a resident of Bathuia in Tirwa tehsil area of ​​Kanauj in Uttar Pradesh. The problem in front of them was their land. Kiran had 23 bighas of land. But often due to waterlogging, the land was of little use. It goes without saying that it was not possible to cultivate that land.

This became a major problem as the land could not be cultivated. But then Kiran Kumari came up with an idea. They decided to turn their land into a pond. He first talked to his son about this and with the help of his son he turned the land into a pond.

After converting the waterlogged part of the land into a pond, Kiran took Rs 2 lakh from the administration in 2016 under the flood plan. He then started fish farming by borrowing some of his accumulated capital and from relatives. It cost him about 11 lakh rupees to start this work.

When the fish farming started well, Kiran Kumari made an island in the middle of the pond. It is very beautiful to see this island in the middle of the pond. They have a garden on the island. Where flowers and fruits are very good. According to the report, they earn up to Rs 25 lakh a year from selling fruits and fish.

Not only that, people also come to visit this island created by them. His work has also been praised on Google. He has even been honored. Kiran Kumari Rajput is truly an inspiration to all those who are overwhelmed by their problems.

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