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Temperature drops to 4 degrees in one fell swoop, orange alert issued in several districts of Bengal

The temperature in West Bengal had become quite hot for some time. The temperature was around 40 degrees. The arrival of Pubali from western India has taken place in the state. With the advent of this, the amount of water vapor in the air is gradually increasing. As a result, it rained on Saturday. The Meteorological Department said that there is a possibility of Kalbaishakhi storm and rain even today (Sunday).

The report said that within 48 hours, i.e. till May 3 (Tuesday), thunderstorms and rain with thunderstorms will arrive in all the districts. It is estimated that the storm will be about 50 km. However, no such difference in temperature has been reported. The meteorological department fears that the situation will continue until May 5.

Besides, it is estimated that there will be no such change in the weather in South Bengal as in North Bengal. But in the next day, even if the temperature drops to 2-4 degrees. Temperatures in Asansol, Bahrampur and Bankura areas, i.e. western districts, have eased a bit after yesterday’s storm-rain. The temperature in these areas was around 42 degrees two days ago. But after yesterday, the temperature dropped to 33-36 degrees.

The meteorological department had forecast cloudy weather in Kolkata. But it has also been said that there is a strong possibility of thunderstorms and rains. The meteorological department also said that there would be no change in temperature from yesterday. That means the temperature will be between 33-38 Celsius. However, if it drops too low, it could rise to 22.3 degrees, the Meteorological Department said.

Which will be about 3 times less than normal. According to the report, the lowest temperature in Kolkata on Saturday was 26.9 degrees Celsius and the highest relative humidity was 69 percent. The Alipore Meteorological Department said that heavy rains are expected in Kolkata on Monday and Tuesday and the temperature will drop as a result.

Saturday’s temperature list in different areas.

Digha – 26.2
Bahrampur – 25
Siliguri – 19.5

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