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Takes 11,000 rupees for 1 saree, 100 year old grandma has a great business idea

As we get older most people start to think we are weak. There are some people who retire after the age of 50. They want to live comfortably and they begin to feel that they can do nothing now. But today we will talk about a woman who is running her own business even at the age of 100 years.

This grandmother’s name is Padmavati Nayar who is a resident of Kerala. Today Padmavati draws sari with her own hands. People also like her sari. Padmavati has been doing this from the very beginning. However, the special thing is that even at the age of 100, Padmavati did not quit this job. In such a situation, everyone is praising Padmavati.

Even at the age of 100, Padmavati is a businessman

Padmavati Nair, a resident of Kerala, has become popular with many today. Even today at the age of 100, he is a successful businessman. Even at this age, Padmavati works three hours a day. Padmavati drew pictures of herself in a sari. He has always loved this job. Even today Padmavati is determined for her goal. Everyone is praising Padmavati’s work and seeing her work inspires many to move forward.

According to this old woman, she loves to do this work and she is satisfied with it. Padmavati always wanted to be active and so she is still working tirelessly. The special thing is that even at this age, he works with a completely specific routine and also takes care of his own health.

The world is going on

Padmavati woke up at 5.30 in the morning. Then every morning after tea and breakfast I read the newspaper. At 10:30, he got ready to do his job. His family members also helped him in this work. It takes them up to a month to make a sari, for which they take 11,000 rupees. On the other hand, he took 3000 rupees to make a scarf. The earnings of this work are spent by Padmavati for her grandchildren.

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