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Starting with 2 rupees, today the world famous businessman has built an empire worth 7 thousand crores

Azim Premji, the founder and chairman of Wipro, is known all over the world today. Azim Premji has made Wipro a household name in the world with his visionary thinking and hard work. That is why Azim Premji is one of the richest Indians in the world. Did.

Today, almost 65 years later, the company has grown into a multi-billion dollar company. Azim Premji said that he did all this following the principle of honesty.

He was only 21 years old when he took full charge of the trading company. Azim Premji’s Mao was not a woman who was afraid of any kind of challenge. He fought hard to build a hospital. He was also a qualified doctor. Azim Premji’s father, Mohammad Hussain Hasham Premji founded Western India Products Limited in 1945 from Amalnar, Maharashtra.

Here refined oils and vegetables are used. After the death of his father in 1986, Azim dropped out of Stanford University and returned to the country to run his business.

He joined Infotech in 1989 and has since joined Consumer Care, Lighting, Infrastructure Engineering Firms and GE Healthcare. In 2000, Wipro generated nearly বিল 1 billion. It was also listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The company’s revenue in fiscal year 2021 was about ১ 8.1 billion.

After leading the company for almost 53 years, Premji resigned as its executive chairman on July 31, 2019, and
He decided to devote his time to public welfare. Now Azim Premji’s eldest son Rishad Premji is the executive chairman of this company.

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