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Started this great business at Rs 10 lakh, today year

Education is very important for every human being, but it is not at all that only degree holders can do great things. Today we are going to talk about a boy who has only studied up to class XII, but the success he has achieved is really inspiring.

Debesh Jha

This boy who passed 12th surprised everyone

Debesh Jha was born in Madhubani, Bihar. Debesh Jha studied up to 12th class. Devesh Jha himself made a drone that surprised everyone. After almost 5 years of hard work and dedication, Debesh Jha has achieved this great success.

Devesh Jha started a startup called Debest in 2017 at a cost of around Rs 10 lakh. Last year, Debesh Jha’s company had a turnover of around Rs 4 crore. According to Debesh Jha, his company has a project worth around Rs 40 crore.

Debesh Jha

I was thinking of doing something big since childhood.

Debesh came up with the idea to start this startup in 2009. Devesh had an accident once when he was in 11th grade and he had to stay in hospital for a long time even after this incident happened with Devesh.

Debesh Jha

The idea of ​​doing something in the interest of the farmers

Devesh, who was thinking of a revolution in the technology sector, has started a survey to assess crop damage with the help of drones with the help of Bihar government. His drones are designed in such a way that in a short period of time the crop can spray many crops at once.

Debesh Jha

It takes a long time for farmers to spray pesticides on their crops. And then these pesticides have a very bad effect on the health of all the farmers. And with the help of these drones made by Debesh’s company, it is possible to complete this work in a few hours.

With the help of these drones made by Debesh’s company, the crops of more than 30,000 acres of farmers have been sprayed. Apart from the Bihar government, many state governments including the Chhattisgarh government and the Haryana government are also using Debesh’s drones and Debesh’s drone project is in high demand in many European countries.

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