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Started a business at the age of 50, thanks to this great idea

It is said that a person should never give up hope and goal, just keep working hard and with conviction and one day success will surely come in handy. Goody Thapliyal and Nisha Gupta are living examples. About 3 years ago, Goody Thapliyal and Nisha Gupta both started a business from their home, which has now turned into a business worth over Rs 2 crore.

nisha gupta and guddi thapliyal

Nisha Gupta is a graduate woman and she too comes from an entrepreneurial family. Nisha Gupta has learned many business tricks by selling household items and some gift items in her home shop. Where, Goody Thaplial has studied only up to the fifth grade. He had no experience before starting this business. Nisha Gupta’s children are IT professionals, and it was Nisha’s children who gave their mother the idea to start an online business.

nisha gupta and guddi thapliyal

Goody Thapliyal also wanted to start working with Nisha Gupta. After a bit of preparation together, the two women launched an online gifting platform called Geek Monkey in the market in 2017 and many such platforms have already been launched in the online gifting market.

In such a situation, the big challenge facing Goody Thapliyal and Nisha Gupta was what they should do so that the customer just comes to them. Goody Thapliyal and Nisha Gupta also wanted their gifts to be completely different from all other web sites, which is why these two women kept only special kind of gifts on their web site.

nisha gupta and guddi thapliyal

For this, Goody Thapaliyal and Nisha Gupta hired various handicraft artists and in doing so, the fruits of their hard work and today these two women have become successful businessmen. Goody attributes his success to his personal good relationship with his clients.

Goody Thapliyal and Nisha Gupta have gift items for their customers ranging from Rs 99 to Rs 13,000.

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