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Start this business with an investment of only 25 thousand rupees per year, the income will be 2 lakh rupees per month, know the complete method

There is special news for you if you are planning to start a business. Now you can easily make a lot of profit with minimal investment. It is enough to invest only 25000 rupees per year on this business. By investing this amount of money, you can earn more than 1.75 or 2 lakh rupees per month per year. The business we are going to talk to you about today is the fishing business.

This fishing business can be started with the help of government. The central government provides many benefits for this business. You need to inquire at the Fisheries Office in the state where you are going to start this business. If you do this business in a modern way, you will be able to earn more profit. Bioflox methods are now used in most places for fish farming. Bioflox is a bacterial name.

In the bioflock method the fish is kept in a large (about 10-15 thousand liters) tank. These tanks are well equipped for pouring water, pumping out, giving oxygen etc. Bioflake bacteria convert fish droppings into proteins, which are then eaten by fish. This saves one-third for food. Even water can be protected from getting dirty. If you want to start your business with 6 tanks, it will cost you around Rs 8.5 lakh to set them up. However, you can earn big money by keeping fish in the pond.

The government is also encouraging people to do fish business. To encourage fish farmers, the Chhattisgarh government has given this business the status of agriculture. Besides, the state government is also providing interest free loans to fish farmers. In addition, insurance schemes and subsidies for fishermen are also available from the government.

There are different states where farmers are trained for fish farming. After this training, farmers can start earning profit by investing only 25 thousand rupees in this business. You will need technology and space for this. This business provides insurance schemes and subsidies from the government for the fishermen.

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