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Start this business today with only 10 thousand rupees, the profit will be tripled every day, know the details

Nowadays, people pay more attention to business than jobs. If you are thinking of starting a low cost business then there are many businesses that can offer good profits at low cost. But today will be called an idea that will benefit you every season. This business is the mosquito net that runs most in the summer. 6-8 months is a lot for business, including summer and rain.

If you earn a good amount in these months, you will not work for the remaining few months. Because in this you can earn a lot in 6-7 months which you can save. So let’s find out how to do this business.

Start a mosquito net business with only 10 thousand

It will take net and yarn in the raw material to start this business. There are usually two types of mosquito nets, including cotton and synthetic. If you go to the market in bulk, you can get the whole roll up to 10 thousand rupees. At home you can sew yourself. You can easily make many mosquito nets in one roll, which you can sell to make a good profit.

Single and double bed mosquito nets are in high demand in the market during summer and monsoon seasons. The more designers and different mosquito nets you make single or double, the more you will benefit. Single bed mosquito nets are available in the market at 200 to 300 rupees. On the other hand, a double bed mosquito net is available at Rs 600 to Rs 800. The price is 200 rupees. So if you sell in the market, you can get double or triple profit.

A good thing is that there is no predominance of branded products in this segment. In this case, local mosquito nets are the most sold. The market should be visited once before starting the business, rates should be taken from many places. Just remember that no matter what business you start, all the information should be taken from the internet or an expert.

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