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SPG commandos deployed to protect Modi will be shocked to know the cost of one day

In India, the Special Protection Group (SPG) is only with Narendra Modi. SPG is the safest company in the country. The SPG was formed in 1975 after the assassination of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Today in this article we will learn some amazing facts about this company.

SPG is a highly trained unit. It is equipped with modern machinery and vehicles. There are about three thousand commandos selected from the country’s security. When an SPG protected person travels somewhere, the SPG forms a small team.

They then arrived at the site 24 hours earlier and thoroughly investigated to see if the place was safe. The SPG team also includes sniper and bomb disposal experts. Their training continues.

Briefcases are often seen in the hands of commandos engaged in the security of big leaders of other countries, including India. There are various rumors about this on social media. The briefcase is actually a portable bullet proof shield. When the briefcase is opened it acts as a strong shield. It provides immediate protection to very special people.

Like this briefcase, the shield has a pocket for holding a gun, which comes in handy during difficult times. In case of any kind of danger, the briefcase is shielded as it is called bullet proof.

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