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South superstar Chiranjeevi humiliated in Delhi, actor’s pride revealed after 33 years

Father of Chiranjibi, the famous actor of southern industry, and Ramcharan, the famous actor of RRR. A great artist from the South who has worked in many superhit films. Chiranjeevi has also acted in many films in the Bollywood industry and her performance has been well received by the audience. Recently, he is seen in SS Rajamouli’s film ‘Acharya’.

His son Ramcharan will also be seen with him in this film. During the promotion of this film, Chiranjeevi revealed something that shocked everyone. “He was insulted at a function in Delhi,” she said. The incident took place in 1989. He was looking at the walls of the hall in Delhi, which depicts the history of Indian cinema.

Details have been written about the icons of Hindi film industry from Prithviraj Kapoor to Amitabh Bachchan. But none of the icons of the South Indian film industry were mentioned. He felt very humiliated, he thought it was like insulting someone. He also said that Hindi cinema is promoted as Indian cinema.

Where other films were classified as ‘regional films’ and not respected. Chiranjeevi has shown her acting skills in many films of Bollywood as well as Southern art. It is also known that his performance was quite popular among the audience. Released in 2002, ‘Indra’ was one of the superhit films of his life.

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