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Somewhere 6 rupees and somewhere 500 rupees, the price of 1GB internet in different countries

Can you imagine your life without the internet? Needless to say! We know that life without internet is impossible for people nowadays. Because people nowadays don’t use internet just for entertainment on social media. The work of various small to large works or large organizations runs on the Internet. So in today’s life internet has become like oxygen to people.

The Internet was born in 1973. And today we are already talking about Web 3.0 Metavers, we are making money in crypto, our business has gone online, education has gone online. The virtual world has merged with the physical world.

And there is no way back. We are now talking about privacy threats, scams and fraud. There are also seminars on the dangers of data overload, social media pressure and cyber bullying. In fact, we are trapped in a web called the Internet. And over time, that is likely to change. The Internet is no longer a luxury.

Which only a few people can afford. People need it now and everyone needs it. So everyone uses the internet now. With the ubiquity of the internet, have you ever wondered how much it costs worldwide? Or, information about its penetration worldwide.

1) India or India (Rs. 8 / gb): India has the cheapest internet in the world. It costs an average of ৯ 0.09 per gigabyte. We have access to the cheapest internet in the world.
However, this does not mean that every Indian has uninterrupted internet access. We have a population of 1.3 billion. As of January 2022, our Internet access rate was only 47% of the total population. This means that more than half of the people in our country do not use the Internet. And a little while ago we thought that life without the internet is unimaginable.

2) USA (Rs. 256 / Gb): When it comes to the West, the United States comes to mind. This may sound amazing, but the Internet is not so cheap in the United States. The USA ranks 164th out of 230 countries in the list of trends for mobile data prices published in 2021. Where the average price of 1 gb internet is $ 3.33, their internet access rate is 92%. Much more than us.

3) Israel (7 Taka / gb): Israel is second only to India where the average price of internet is ৫ 0.05 per gb. Not only that, Israel’s access rate is 6%.

4) UK (Rs. 109 / gb):The average price of internet in the UK is ৪ 1.42 per GB. More than 94% of the population has access.

5) Germany (Rs. 256 / gb): 93% of Germans have access to the Internet Now the average price is $ 3.36.

6) Australia (Rs. 53 / gb): Australians have 91% internet access. With this, the average price of 1 gb internet is $ 0.60.

6) China (40 rupees / gb): The Chinese have 60% access. The average internet cost is $ 0.52 per GB. The special news is that there is no google in China. They use Baidu as a search engine. It can be called the Chinese version of google.

6) Pakistan (Rs. 45 / gb): Only 36.5% of Pakistanis have internet access. The average price is ৯ 0.59 per gb.

9) France (Rs. 285 / gb): 93% of French citizens have internet access. The average cost is $ 3.45 per gb.

10) Russia (Rs. 22 / gb): 85% of Russians have access to the Internet. The average price is $ 0.29 per gb.

However, the future of the Internet in Russia is uncertain since the country’s invasion of Ukraine. It’s almost isolated online.

11) Japan (Rs. 256 / gb): The average price of 1 gb internet is $ 3.38. And about 94% of people use the Internet.

12) Switzerland (Rs. 401 / gb): Switzerland has expensive internet at an average price of $ 5.24 per gb. And the internet access rate is 98%.

13) Bangladesh (26 Taka / gb): Very few people use internet in Bangladesh. Internet access rate in Bangladesh is only 31.5%. This rate is very low considering the cross-sectoral needs of the Internet in every industry.

14) Canada (Rs. 438 / gb): 98.4% of Canadians use the Internet. The average cost is $ 5.62 per GB.

15) New Zealand (Rs. 534 / gb): Average price 8.99 per GB. Much more expensive. But 94.9% of the population has access.

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