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Sister dancing at her sister’s wedding with chaka chak song, invited guests including the whole bride and groom

Wedding season is going on all around now. In such a situation, echoes of drums, drums and shehnai can be heard everywhere. In India, marriage is no less than a big celebration. There is a lot of dancing, decorating, delicious food and fun. Especially in the house where the wedding takes place, all the members are very excited. Among these, the craze of marriage is also the most noticeable among the sisters of the ‘bride’.

Marriage may be for sister or sister, but the girls of the house themselves are very busy in shopping and other preparations. Which lehenga to wear at a sister’s wedding, which jewelry to wear, which song to dance to, all these things started in the minds of the bride’s sisters a month ago. Then there will be no talk on the wedding day, after the ‘bride’, all eyes are on his sister. Sometimes someone’s sister looks more beautiful than someone else.

The tumultuous dance of the groom’s sister-in-law is going very viral on social media. Koner’s sister came on stage wearing a light golden lehenga and started saying ‘Chakachak hai tu’. In fact, she was seen dancing to the song ‘Hi Chakchak’ from Sara Ali’s film ‘Atarangi Re’. The guests present there were very happy to see her dance. Many have also praised the girl’s style. She captivated everyone with her captivating dance.

Besides dancing, the expression of the girl is also extraordinary. The video of Koen’s sister dancing has created panic on social media. After watching this video, many people started to appreciate the dance. One user wrote, “Very nice dance performance.” Another user said, “The more beautiful this girl is, the more beautiful the dance.”

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