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Secondary Fail shopkeeper went to Dubai in search of daily life, today he has made an empire of Rs 400 crore

The stubborn person who does anything in life always succeeds. Many such examples have come up today. Today we will talk about a Marathi man who used to go to school without slippers in his childhood. That could not pass the tenth grade. Who ran a general grocery store. He is the owner of a Rs 4,000 crore company in Dubai today.

You may be surprised to hear this, but Dhananjoy Datar has shown it to be true. Born into a humble family, Dhananjay’s father Mahadev Datar was a constable in the Indian Air Force. Due to this job he was transferred in any case. Due to the transfer, Mahadev sent Dhananjay to look after his grandmother’s house in Amravati.

At that time Dhananjay was only 6 years old. When Grandma’s condition became critical, Dhananjay’s childhood also fell into a bad state. Dhananjay’s father wanted to give money to his grandmother but she did not want to take it. This also affected Dhananjay’s school. He had to go to a small school. He only went to school every day in uniform, he had no shoes. In such a situation he continues to grow.

He spent 4 years with his grandmother. He later returned to Mumbai when his father retired. After retirement, Dad got a job as a store manager in Dubai. He used to cover the expenses of the family. After working for seven years, he called Dhananjay in Dubai and started a small grocery store. Dhananjay moved to Dubai in 1984.

He was only 20 years old then. Dhananjay started helping in the grocery store started by Baba Mahadev. Good income comes from the shop. In 10 years, he opened one shop in Abu Dhabi and another in Sharjah. It was from this shop that his journey to success began. He built a business there with his mind. There were also many Indians in Dubai.

So he understood the demand of Indians and decided to sell spices. Necessary spices for Indians were not available in Dubai at that time. Dad came up with the idea and started the first Al Adil spice shop. Today they have more than 9000 products of this brand. This grocer has built a business worth crores of rupees by working 16-18 hours a day.

He also sold his mother’s mangalsutra to shop early. That Dhananjay Datar is today known as the Spice King of Dubai. Today he owns a Rolls Royce worth 2 million. This car is owned by only 16 people in the world.

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