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Salman Khan was pretending to do this, UP police caught him and took him to jail

Who doesn’t know Bollywood superstar Salman Khan. It can be said that Salman Khan of Khan family is a pillar of Bollywood industry. His fans are all over the country. Not only on the screen but also from the front to catch a glimpse of him. Again, there are many fans who are not only acting in this super star, they are copying this star again. Such a Salman-twin scene has emerged. Let’s know the real secret of Salman-1 and Salman-2!

In fact, Lucknow police in Uttar Pradesh (UP) have arrested a man who is a deto copy of actor Salman Khan. According to sources, the name of this person is Azam Ansari. Initially, it is very difficult to identify him as Salman Khan. Who has created many reels on Instagram by imitating Salman Khan. Azam Ansari’s song copying Salman Khan and acting in small roles has come to the fore. He has also made a number of reel videos of photos being taken at religious sites.

However, Azam Ansari has made a lot of videos that are eye-catching to people. Police sources said that Azam Ansari has been arrested for making offensive videos in public and religious places. In fact, Azam Ansari was making a reel in a public place on Sunday. At that time, ordinary people thought Salman Khan was a huge crowd. As a result, there is a problem of traffic on the road. The traffic police are in a lot of trouble. Later, the police came and took him into custody for the complaint of some people.

Let me tell you, Azam Ansari is very active in the net world. He has about 1 lakh 67 thousand subscribers on YouTube. And Instagram has about 80,000 followers. Lucknow police said he had to pay a fine to the Thakurganj police station for smoking in a public place.
In fact, his videos are eye-catching to the fans which makes the videos feel like an insult to Salman Khan. Because talking loudly about him, showing body. Not only this, building reels on roads, railway stations and even religious places etc. Although people love the videos he makes, there are thousands of likes and comments on the pictures or videos.

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