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Reality Show Rate, Excluding First Song, Overcoming Multiple Failures Today He is Our Favorite Arijit Singh

One of the most popular singers in the country is Arijit Singh. The melody in his song is like a storm. His songs resounded everywhere from Bollywood to Tollywood. Everyone from the audience to Bollywood stars admired his songs. His romantic songs, the young generation fell in love. Let me tell you, yesterday, Monday was his 35th birthday.

However, in these 35 years, he has achieved everything in his life. But there is no sense of pride in him. He is a very simple man. When going to an event, no sense of comfort can be noticed in his attire. The star means using expensive clothes or expensive things, he has proved wrong.

Arijit Singh gained popularity with his song ‘Tum Hi Ho’. Let me tell you, he was a contestant on the 2005 reality show ‘Fame Gurukul’. He became popular in the television world by singing ‘Aashiq Banaya Aapne’ composed by Himesh Reshammiya at that time. However, despite his popularity, he did not get due respect. However, he was eliminated in the middle of that competition.

However, in 2009 Sanjay Leela Bansali sang the song ‘U Shabnami’ with him. However, after the song ‘Tum Hi’, Arijit Singh’s fate unfolded. He has sung many hit songs so far. He has received 6 Filmfare Awards so far. He has won not only Filmfare but also National Award.

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