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Ranu Mandal sings duet with Bangladeshi superstar Hero Alam, viral video

Today is the age of internet. If something goes viral in this age, it spreads from one end to the other in an instant. Anyone who goes viral becomes an overnight star. The two people who went viral are either singer-songwriter Hero Alam from Bangladesh and singer Ranu Mandal from Ranaghat. A video of them has gone viral on social media.

Both have gained popularity through the internet. This time the two sang a duet together. The song is ‘Tumi Chara Ami’. Recordings of the song have been shared on YouTube, which has gone viral in an instant. Hero Alam announced to sing together with Ranu Mandal in November last year.

Hero Alam shared a video on YouTube. In the video, it is seen that both of them are wearing red clothes and singing melodious songs together. Sometimes smiling again. People are very happy to see Ranu Mondol back on the internet. Many have congratulated him. Many have again posted encouraging messages. Again, many did not stop trolling them as usual.

Social media users reacted to the song:

One user wrote, ‘What the people of Bengal have been waiting for so long is now complete. Go ahead Hero Alam and his team ‘. Another wrote, ‘Ranu Mandal is very happy with Hero Alam. I want the two of them to be in touch with each other and make more songs like this. “

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