Rachel Bilson Revisits The OC & Summer season Roberts: “I Really feel Very pleased of Her”

Rachel Bilson Revisits The OC & Summer Roberts: “I Feel Proud of Her”

Rachel Bilson attends the Christian Siriano Fall Winter 2020 NYFW at Spring Studios in 2020. Jamie McCarthy/Getty Photographs for Christian Siriano

There have been several considerable moments set in the Cohens’ pool residence all through The O.C., the venerable teen drama that dominated the aughts and centered on the escalating pains of Ryan Atwood (Ben McKenzie), Marissa Cooper (Mischa Barton), Summer Roberts (Rachel Bilson), and Seth Cohen (Adam Brody) in Newport Seaside, California. But in 1 certain episode, Seth attempted to dissuade his girlfriend, Summer, from telling her Brown College interviewer that designer Miuccia Prada is the best affect in her intellectual development.

Summer months scoffed. Why would she lie? “If you want to memorize solutions you assume they want to listen to, which is good,” Summer months told Seth. “But I consider in being myself.”

“And by the way,” she additional, breezing out the door. “Miuccia Prada brings together designs from time durations in ways men and women never ever even imagined achievable.”

Summer time, portrayed correctly by Bilson, was hardly ever your stereotypical wealthy bitch. Throughout The O.C.’s 4 seasons, she subverted the materialistic, imply, preferred significant university lady archetype in a sweeping arc that noticed her evolve from the superficial very best good friend of perpetually troubled Marissa to a single of the show’s most multifaceted, compassionate and resilient characters: an academically gifted environmental activist and steadfast spine for all all those in turmoil about her.

The most important thread that variety of goes via the full series is how strong she is, and I adore that.

“I sense proud of her,” Bilson states, smiling by the telephone, talking to Observer from Los Angeles. “The most important thread that form of goes through the complete series is how sturdy she is, and I adore that. Just to see how much she goes, I sense happy. You know, I have a daughter, and I’m like, okay, if she watches [The O.C.] someday, she can see the arc and the development you can have as a human, which is interesting.”

Bilson is revisiting Summertime on the new podcast, Welcome to The OC, Bitches!. She and co-host Melinda Clarke (also regarded as the manipulative Julie Cooper) are rewatching the iconic television collection in its entirety and talking about it episode-by-episode, with special guest stars which include forged members and sociologists to unpack its legacy. When the plan to do it came up very last Might, Bilson jumped at the chance quickly.

“I was like, completely! Initial of all, it is so substantially fun to talk about The O.C. and my working experience on it. And we get to rewatch it, which is like viewing it as an audience member since it was so extensive back.” Bilson asked Clarke to sign up for her—they experienced past noticed just about every other about five decades back, Bilson remembers, shortly soon after Bilson gave birth to her daughter—and when they talked again recently, it felt like no time had handed. “We spoke for around an hour and we’re like, ‘Okay, we have a ton to discuss about, this is excellent!’ We have been so pleased to do it and simply cannot wait around for everybody to pay attention, ideally.” It felt like the correct time, she states, to do one thing lighthearted and enjoyable amid the anxiety induced by the pandemic.

Rachel Bilson as Summer in The O.C.

Rachel Bilson as Summertime in The O.C. FOX

In conversation, Bilson feels additional like a good close friend than the beating heart of a person of the major cultural touchstones of the new millennium. Resetting the tone of teen soaps with its sharp crafting and indie rock soundtrack, The O.C. was a smash strike following its 2003 premiere and manufactured quick stars of its youthful solid. Bilson grew up in Los Angeles and around film and television sets (her father is producer and director Danny Bilson), so wasn’t too phased by the media insanity that promptly swarmed her. She was courting co-star Brody at the time and, she adds, the main four solid-mates also liked every other and hung out outdoors of the demonstrate, which produced some crafted-in insulation. “Thank god social media did not exist then, you know, due to the fact which is a whole other globe. But we had each other. We all supported just about every other and we had been in it jointly.”

At 39, seeing herself as a 21-yr-outdated is a vacation. “Nobody likes to search again at themselves when it is awkward, uncomfortable years—and it’s all portrayed on television, you know, like, oh my god! It’s unquestionably embarrassing, but I can also appreciate the youth and identify how significantly I’ve occur and how considerably everyday living has happened. It’s fairly extraordinary and surreal at the very same time.”

A persuasive hallmark of The O.C., of training course, was how it parodied by itself by being self-aware. There was The Valley, for occasion, the fictional teen demonstrate that Summertime obsessed around, and its fact spin-off, Sherman Oaks: The Genuine Valley (a Laguna Beach front wink). The cast, themselves impressed numerous inside jokes, like how Demise Taxi for Cutie’s outstanding role as Seth’s favored band mirrored Brody’s real-everyday living fandom. That was all creator and government producer Josh Schwartz, Bilson suggests. “Josh was notorious for just actually paying consideration to us in our individual private life. Summer season loving Golden Women came about mainly because Josh realized that I appreciate Golden Ladies.”

https://www.youtube.com/check out?v=2HpCZ-lwqk8

And even though Chrismukkah was not precisely pulled from true life—Schwartz instructed Vulture it was coined to equally rejoice and underline Seth’s outsider position in Newport, recalling how Schwartz himself felt attending the College of Southern California—Bilson could also relate to the holiday. “My dad’s Jewish,” she says. “My mom was lifted Catholic, but we weren’t elevated spiritual, she was really non secular. But we did Xmas and we would go to my dad’s spouse and children [for] Passover, Hanukkah. I unquestionably had the Chrismukkah knowledge and I’m appreciative of that.” (And Summer season did help save Chrismukkah that just one time.)

Correct now, Bilson is knee-deep in The O.C.’s 1st year. She admits she has no memory of any of it, so rewatching has been a legitimate journey of discovery. “Even Josh was like, ‘Bilson! You have been there. You were in the scene. Get it together!’ But I don’t don’t forget!” she laughs. “There will basically be items that I have no recollection of undertaking.” Sticking out so considerably are times like, in the pilot, where Ryan smoked a cigarette—a marker of a different time with what was deemed acceptable for mainstream television—and the daring Y2K vogue, substantially of which has cycled back again in style. They are offering the Juicy [Couture] satisfies once again in stores,” Bilson notes. “Even the small classic Levi’s skirts, that was surely on the show and people arrived again entire-pressure.”

One factor Bilson does keep in mind is the new music. Indie rock was typically explained as a different most important character on the display and The O.C. established by itself as a tastemaker. As it did for viewers, it opened up a new sonic globe to Bilson, also. “Rachael Yamagata I was released to, whom I love, and all the amazing bands we had at the Bait Store,” she states, referencing the rock club that highlighted dwell performances from artists like The Killers and Rooney. A favourite for Bilson is “Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap, which performed as Marissa shot Trey, Ryan’s brother, through a violent brawl in the 2nd period finale. “That track will without end just be—being this sort of a cool song and these a moment, I truly feel like, stands out for certain.”


Mazzy Star’s haunting “Into Dust” scored a specially pivotal scene in the inaugural time where Ryan carried Marissa, sweat-soaked and hardly respiration, from an alley just after she endured a drug overdose in Tijuana. It is a heartbreaking, essential early chapter in Marissa’s tragic downward spiral. The O.C. was hardly ever fearful of checking out complexities close to addiction, social class, loneliness and grief, in both of those the teenagers and older people. “I do like that about it,” Bilson states. “I mean, it is tough to say it is refreshing for the reason that I have a daughter and I don’t want some of the items that Marissa went via to be fact for any person.”

I’m seeing Mischa go through all of these matters, god, she truly bought put via it—and she shipped each time. Like, total on. I just viewed the Tijuana episode the place she OD’s, and I’m like, Jesus.

She carries on: “And, I have to say, as I’m seeing Mischa go by way of all of these matters, god, she genuinely got set by way of it—and she sent just about every time. Like, entire on. I just viewed the Tijuana episode in which she OD’s, and I’m like, Jesus. And she was 16 or 17 when we shot that and providing it her all and executing it so nicely. I’m just completely impressed.”

Bilson would appreciate for Barton to be a visitor on the podcast. “I assume if Mischa arrived on, I sense like that would be awesome,” she states. “I have not seen or spoken to her in so extensive, I’d appreciate to catch up and I feel that would just be a actually fun dialogue.”

Our converse moves to a reboot. If there at any time were being to be a person, exactly where would the gang be right now? Bilson bets on Seth and Summer months continue to currently being together, likely with kids. Also, by the collection finale, Sandy and Kirsten Cohen experienced one more baby and so did Julie. “I signify, there is this entire other era at Harbor [School],” Bilson says. “Ryan is an architect, probably. Did he conclude up with Taylor [Townsend, played by Autumn Reeser] at the conclusion?”

I’m not confident, I response. It felt like it was left up to interpretation. “I really do not know possibly,” Bilson echoes. But, Julie Cooper. Speaking of arcs and energy, she went from hellcat to college graduate, finally earning the viewer’s sympathy. “That’s what I’d want to see the most. What is she up to?”

Perhaps a person of the most enduring matters about The O.C. is how it nonetheless offers so a great deal to talk about. The demonstrate captured the zeitgeist of the early 2000s, talking right to its viewers and cementing so several facets of itself into the larger material of pop tradition. But even now, just about 20 years afterwards, the impression it produced remains and continues to be appropriate.

“A lot of it is since I imagine the appropriate team of men and women, all all around, arrived with each other at the ideal time and developed a little something that—you could really feel it, you know?” Bilson says. “High college angst will often be there. That will unquestionably usually resonate.”

Welcome to the O.C., Bitches! is available as a result of Apple Podcasts.

The O.C. is streaming in whole on HBO Max.

Rachel Bilson Revisits ‘The O.C.’ & Summer Roberts: “I Feel Proud of Her”