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Pressure cookers from earthenware bottles, which will also help keep you healthy

In earlier days, people used to use more terracotta products made of clay. But nowadays many people buy terracotta products for hobby. But let me tell you, earthenware products are very useful for keeping water cool during hot weather. Today I will tell you about some of these pottery products that you can order from Amazon.

1. Burnt Clay Products –

This product is made from natural clay soil. If you put water in this bottle, it will be cold all day long. Its design is also very beautiful. It is made with toxin free ingredients. A wooden lid has also been installed to close it.

2. Tea Cup Set –

This handmade cup helps keep the temperature just as beautiful. You can arrange it on the dining table of the house. Let me tell you, this cup is made by local artisans in rural India with good quality burnt clay.

3. Jugs and Glass –

Made by the best potters of Nilambur in Kerala district. Jug and 8 glasses with it. Let me tell you, it is very durable. It is made in such a way that no water will enter inside.

4. Water Reservoir –

Water can be kept in earthenware containers to reduce the use of plastic. Steel taps are available with these containers. Water can be stored in this type of container. This container contains 4 liters of water. This container has a lid, a glass and a coaster. Although these are made of clay, they are toxic and lead free.

5. Cooker (Terracotta Products) –

This product is made of clay. This clay is rich in minerals. No chemical connection is made while making it. By cooking in this pot, you will also stay healthy by eating food.

. Plate Set –

Terracotta products can be used instead of steel plates. This set consists of a plate, four bowls, two small bowls, a spoon and a glass.

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