Phone Psychic Readings: 5 Numbers to Call for a Free Telephone Reading

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A phone psychic reader can give a shy client a comfortable way to communicate with a spiritual advisor. The voice’s power serves a more in-depth meaning over a call than through email because the method is more interactive and interpersonal. Moreover, psychics cannot use shortcuts like body language analysis or eye contact intimidation.

📞 Call 1-888-815-1999 to speak with an AskNow psychic right now – first 5 minutes free.

The five services listed below offer psychic readings numbers to call today.

Best Phone Psychic Reading Services to Call

  1. The largest psychic hotline for fast answers by phone  – AskNow
  2. Psychic network with free 3-minute voice readings online – Kasamba
  3. Phone psychics for 99 cents a minute – Psychic Source
  4. Largest number of divination methods available – Keen
  5. Both video and phone calls available – Oranum

1. AskNow – Best Psychic Phone Readings Overall


Phone Number: 📞 1-888-815-1999

  • Toll-free number accessible at no extra charge for nationwide callers 
  • Top-rated, elite psychics who have practiced for a long time
  • 5 complimentary minutes available as an introductory offer
  • Talented advisors with extensive experience and trusted expertise

Ask, and you shall receive. Hence, the name AskNow. Psychics are available for instant answers with just a touch of a button. Whether you need solutions to love questions, help foreseeing future events, or pursuing career goals.  Most AskNow psychics will do tarot card readings over the telephone, as well. The psychic will choose a card and read what it says to the client remotely.

The first five minutes of the call runs for free. After completing that period a bell will ring on the phone and you have 30 seconds to hang up or choose to continue before your credit card will be charged.

Some advisors will give psychic readings for as low as $1 a minute. Packages of 10 minutes for $10 up to 30 minutes for $30 are available. Some of their best online psychic reading providers charge a much higher price for more detailed readings. 

A Call button will auto-dial to the chosen online psychic, cutting out the need to press in an extension. If that gifted advisor is available for a telephone reading, the spiritual journey begins within minutes. 

Click Here to Get 5 Free Minutes With AskNow

2. Kasamba – Convenient Voice Readings Online Instead of by Phone


  • Get the first 3 minutes free
  • Professional psychic readers possessing various abilities and deliver accurate answers
  • Thousands of reviews and ratings new customers can read and use to decide their direction
  • Call Now button for instant connections that charges per minute while on the call

Kasamba is a 20-year-old online psychic website that attracts the best. The homepage has a festive wallpaper that blossoms spiritually. Psychics use a variety of means during their readings. One is tarot cards. Another is medium communication with the afterlife. A profound one is dream interpretations that provide analysis of those sleeping premonitions or nightmares.

Call Now buttons are available to click and dial out automatically. The more talented the psychic, the more they charge per minute. Some do readings for up to $20/minute. Less gifted psychics who take some time to generate their predictions charge prices as low as $1 per minute.

Kasamba offers five free minutes to test the service. This complimentary offer is only available after signing up for an account and payment method updated.

3. Psychic Source – Telephone Psychic Readings with Cheap Rates

psychic source

  • Cheap psychics by telephone for only $1 a minute
  • Search feature locates an online psychic by their telephone extension
  • Money-back guarantee issued in the form of refund for people who did not like their readings
  • The company gives donations to various causes, always a good sign that staff cares about communities of the world
  • Apple and Google Play apps that create a better psychic reading experience
  • Schedule calendar to set up an appointment

Psychic Source has two ways to connect with the psychic by telephone. One is by calling the main toll-free number and dialing an extension. Each psychic has an extension below their profile pics for easy view. The next way is by clicking the Call Me button, and the conversation starts directly through the website or app–no waiting line.

These live readings reveal many of life’s possibilities at an affordable rate. Psychic Source advisors generally charge $3 per minute and their answers are exceptionally accurate. All the psychic reviews on the website prove this.

4. Keen – Specialized Phone Readings of Every Type


  • Hundreds of advisors available 
  • Search feature lets you select psychics with specialties in different topics
  • 3 free minutes offered for each psychic advisor
  • Ability to arrange calls for later if a psychic is occupied

Keen’s Best Match tool allows you to sort through their psychics to find one who works by telephone and specializes in the area you’re most interested in. You can also search for advisors with specific skills, such as angel readings, tarot cards, and dream explorations.

Once you have found an advisor you want to talk to, you can select “call now” from their profile. You can also connect with a toll-free number, using the psychic’s personal extension.

Keen offers the first three minutes of your call with each new psychic advisor you try on their site for free. In addition, they have a second introductory offer of 10 minutes for $1.99. 

5. Oranum – Psychic Mediums Available for Video or Phone Calling


  • Hundreds of experienced psychics
  • 9.99 free credits introductory offer: 3-10 free minutes
  • Psychics from around the world providing around-the-clock service
  • Live streaming allows you to connect face-to-face at a distance

Once you have selected a psychic from Oranum’s hundreds of advisors, you can click “start private show” or “start private chat” to get a reading. While you can’t call in from a landline, you can use your computer to get a psychic reading from this site.

If you’re unsure whether video readings are right for you, you can try Oranum’s services for free before committing to their paid readings by using their introductory offer. This provides 9.99 free credits, translating into 3-10 free minutes, depending on the level of psychic you choose.

Oranum’s psychics work from around the world. If you need a psychic question answered late at night, for example, you’re still likely to have a wide selection of advisors to choose from. 

Oranum offers live video psychic readings. Their advisors use webcams to create live streams, so you can view them in their workspace before requesting a reader. 

Psychic Phone Reading FAQs

What are the benefits of using phone psychic readings?

Some people are shy; it can be hard opening up about our inner desires. If this is the case, social anxiety can stop them from asking their real questions when they are face-to-face with psychics. Talking on the telephone provides the ultimate cloak of anonymity and encourages the person to open up more. 

Communicating with a call also means the psychic cannot use the kinds of dramatic effects that can fool clients in cold readings. This means that advisors have to generate real power from within their energy fields.

Is it possible to read psychically for a person over the telephone?

Yes. A remote psychic reading is similar to an in-person psychic reading. No difference. A psychic can use a variety of tools, including tarot readings, crystal balls, and medium communication, to deliver their findings over the telephone.

Their methods use energy fields, which can be accessed from anywhere if that psychic is truly talented.

A sixth sense does not disappear just because the party is on a voice call. The process is the same. 

The predictions are still accurate. Some websites rely only on their psychics, giving remote readings with plenty of reviews to reflect their accuracy. A telephone reading does not change anything. 

How can I get phone psychic readings free?

kasamba body image

While using a trusted professional for your psychic phone reading is important, experienced psychics can charge high prices. However, there are options that can help you get a free psychic phone reading.

To get a psychic reading by phone free, consider using introductory offers to try different advisors. Although most questions will take more than a few minutes to answer, this is a great way to get a taste of which advisors are worth investing in for a full reading. 

If you’ve used an intro offer already at a site but still have questions you need to be answered, check out other reading options besides the phone. Often, live chats can answer your query while costing less than a call. Read this post on free readings for more information.

Are phone psychics real?

They can be. Just as in many industries, the quality of psychics working remotely varies enormously. You’ll need to do your research to get the best possible reading with a real psychic.

First, look at the quality of the site. How long has it been providing psychic readings? How many clients have used it? The longer a site has been around, the more likely it is to be authentic. 

Next, evaluate the company’s policies. Companies that trust their psychics’ abilities often have money-back guarantees and great customer service options. Similarly, the most trusted sites will explain their hiring process for psychics transparently. Look for those that evaluate true ability by having potential advisors conduct test readings.

Finally, look at customer ratings and testimonials. Sites with real telephone psychics commonly include these on each advisor’s profile, so you can evaluate how effective they’ve been with other clients in the past.

Is it better to have a phone psychic reading or to contact psychic readers by chat?

An online psychic with true talent will be able to do an accurate reading on either the telephone or by chat, so it depends on what you’re looking for. 

Using online chat to connect with online psychics has the benefit of being an incredibly private offer. The reader can’t see or hear you, and so you’re able to maintain confidentiality. However, you won’t be able to see or hear them in most cases, either, so it can be a less personal option than a phone psychic reading.

Psychic readings by phone are a great intermediate step between online chat and getting a psychic reading online. The call allows you to personally connect with your online psychic through voice while still preserving privacy as you ask your questions.

What tools do phone psychics use?

A professional psychic who works over the telephone or by chat uses all the same tools that in-person and online psychics use. These include tarot readings, clairvoyance, angel readings, dream exploration and interpretation, and others.

If you prefer to work with an advisor who uses a particular tool, you can absolutely find them on the above sites. To do this, search advisors by specialty tools or use programs like Keen’s Best Match to get a list of readers who prefer to work with the same tools you do.

Can I get an accurate tarot card reading over the telephone?

tarot body image

Yes! Although you won’t be able to see the cards, your advisor will describe each one to you, ensuring that you get a full reading even though you’re not in the same location.

This is also true for other tools that a psychic can use, such as angel cards, clairvoyance, and even aura readings.

However, if viewing the cards is important to you, you have other options other than making a call. Using a video call service like Oranum can be a great way to answer your questions while falling between having a chat or call and visiting an in-person reader near you.

Is Calling a Psychic Phone Number the Way to Go?

Phone psychic readers are just like in-person readers. Your voice can reveal a thousand things to the advisor. Oftentimes, they can even deliver a more personalized, intimate experience while answering your questions remotely than if you were sitting right in front of them having a chat!

Furthermore, many psychic phone networks–such as AskNow–are worth the time because they offer free minutes. They also have a convenient Call or Call Me button that automatically dials out to the psychic through the browser.

In other words? The answer is yes, psychic phone readings are the way to go. 

The reviews and statements published here are those of the sponsor and do not necessarily reflect the official policy, position or views of Observer. 

A Guide to Phone Psychics: Best Psychic Phone Readings Services for a Free Calling Consultation