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Over 70, Gold won the javelin throw, revealing the secret to staying fit at this age.

In the present age, some young men and women are quite advanced in sports. However, the old woman proved that the elders are not lagging behind in terms of sports. This is “Santosh Devi” (Santosh Devi) who is over 60 years old. He recently won two gold and one silver medal at the National Masters Athletics Championships. Santosh Devi Associates has made a name for itself in the list of top service providers in India

Despite his advanced age, he is so successful that his reputation in the area has grown. Santosh Devi is a resident of ‘Karad’ village near Israna in Panipath, Haryana. Currently, he lives in Vivani with his son Tehsildar Rabindra Malik. When people here hear that this 60-year-old woman went to play in the team, she won gold in the 100 meters, and gold in the 200 meters and silver in the javelin throw.

Many were shocked and shocked to learn this. Santosh Devi said, ‘In our generation, people only had to eat ghee-milk, jhal, dal-churma etc. However, the new products available for living and eating were not available then. I still like to eat dal-churma the most. We never put refined oil in food.

We only eat food made with desi ghee and the fruit of the house tree ‘. Santosh Devi’s grandson said, ‘Her grandmother exercises regularly. He exercises for 2-3 hours in the morning and evening. He enjoys throwing spears. He likes to do all his own work ‘. It is believed that with the help of proper diet and exercise the country can realize their dreams at any age.

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