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One teacher changed the face of the government school, leaving the private school and the students lined up to be admitted in this school

If we ask, what is the condition of government schools in our country at present? Everyone from young to old will answer that. Because at present the condition of government schools is not unknown to anyone. The standard of schooling has gone down a lot. You can understand it if you feel it. Because the number of students in government schools is decreasing day by day. And the proliferation of private schools is growing from town to village. However, there are still some schools that are completely different from other government schools. The situation there is completely different and has a positive side. Yes, I am talking about a school whose customs will make you think.

The school is located in a remote area of ​​Tehri district in Uttarakhand. The name of the school is ‘Pravi Laini Hindab Vidyalaya’. At present the education system of this government school is very advanced. The hired teachers of this school work hard. And the quality of education in the school is at a very good level for their awareness. The number of students in the school is constantly increasing. Despite the school being a government school, all kinds of facilities were available.

The ‘Pravi Line Hindu School’ is located at an altitude of 7,000 feet. In 2009 Hridoy Ram was appointed as a teacher in the school. The condition of the school at the time when he was employed was very deplorable. There were only 18 students in the school. However, the appointed teacher has fulfilled his full responsibility and has always taken the school to another level with his best. And the school environment has changed completely.

At a time when the condition of the school was deplorable, at present the school is different from other schools. Not only that, the mentality of teacher Hriday Ram Babu is completely different from the mentality of government school teachers nowadays. Even on holidays, Rambabu would go to every student’s house and try to make them aware. That is why the teaching standard of the school has improved a lot. And the number of students in the school has increased to 50. It can be seen that the number of students in the school is still increasing.

If we talk about the quality of education of the school, at present the students of that school get a place not only at the district level but also at the state level by participating in the competition. Not only that, to be a part of ‘Jawahar Naboday Vidyalaya’, the brain has to have a lot of intelligence. At present many people are getting place from Rambabu School to Jawahar Naboday Vidyalaya.

The education system of girl students in this school has been improved. The school was repaired through the efforts of teacher Rambabu. Along with this the school was decorated and a flower garden was created. Which changes the whole school environment. Hriday Rambabu was selected for the Shailesh Matiani Award for his mentality and hard work. Which is an inspiration to other teachers in the school.

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