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Once working in a shoe store, a company worth Rs 1,200 crore has come up with this great idea.

There was not much money in the pocket, but the willpower was strong. Satya Prasad Roy Burman (Mr. Satya Prasad Roy Burman) started his business from a small shoe store at the age of 18 and today his business has reached crores of rupees. Shoe maker Khadim India Ltd. is facing stiff competition from a company like Butter today. At present, the market value of Khadim India is more than Rs 1300 crore. Let’s find out how Khadim India became a multi-crore company.

Satya Prasad Roy Burman

শুরু Starting from working in a shoe store

Satya Prasad Roy Barman was a resident of Calcutta. One day Satyaprasad Roy Varman left home after a quarrel and moved to Mumbai. Satyaprasad Roy Varman worked in a shoe store in Mumbai for a few days. Then in 1965 Satya Prasad Roy Varman decided to return home and then returned home and bought a small shop of KM Khadim in Chitpur. And then from here the foundation of his business empire was laid.

Satya Prasad Roy Burman

ধারণা This idea made him successful ..

While selling shoes, Satyaprasad Roy Varman thought that if cheap and good shoes are made, there will be a very good response in the whole market. Satya Prasad Roy Barman’s idea succeeded and Satya Prasad Roy Barman became the largest wholesale trader not only in West Bengal but also in the eastern part of India.

By 1980, Satya Prasad Roy Burman’s company began to grow faster. At that time Satya Prasad Roy Burman’s eldest son Siddhartha Roy Burman joined his father’s company. After that, the growth of this company began to happen even faster.

Satya Prasad Roy Burman

• has now become a multi-crore company

The company is working to transform its sub-brands into a full-fledged premium brand. Behind this, footwear company Khadim India Limited aims to grow its core brand growth, revenue and margins even faster. Khadim has nine sub-brands, including British Walker, Sharon, Lazard, Cleo and Softtouch.

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