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Once selling bags on the streets of Mumbai, today he has built an empire of 250 crores on his own

There are many people in this world who make their dreams miserable. Because they think they lack money. At the same time, there are very few people in the world who do not have the situation as a challenge. And they succeed. Tushar Jain is one of these few people in today’s report. Let’s find out the key to the success of the snow!

Currently, Tushar Jain is the MD and co-founder of an influential bag company across the country. However, his success did not come easily, he had to face many problems. But he did not give up. Due to which, he is today the manufacturer of High Spirit Commercial Venture Pvt Ltd popular bag company. At present, the company is running more than Rs 250 crore.

Let me tell you, this Tushar Jain started his own company in 1999 called MS Trading. Where different types of bags were prepared and exported. The bugs had a good side, high quality fabrics and new designs, which everyone liked. Another positive aspect is that the market value of bugs is universal. Which became the cause of great development. Later in 2012 the company renamed ‘High Spirit Commercial Venture Pvt Ltd’. Now the company has become the fourth largest bag company in India. At present, the company has a turnover of over Rs 250 crore. In addition, the company has set up 10 franchises across the country. At present he is very successful.

But his success did not come easily, his success story will not let you down. Due to the limited financial situation of their family, their childhood life was spent in many adversities. He used to sell bags on the streets of Mumbai. His hard work has brought a different identity to the people. Tushar Jain said in an interview that the company used to supply 10,000 to 20,000 bags per day in 2014. And then the company’s assets were around 90 crores. Which has doubled to the present time. And he said the company has a turnover of Rs 1,000 crore in the next five years. He also said that a new franchise is being set up in Patna, Bihar.

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