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Once Fuchka used to sell, today he is opening his own company and earning lakhs of rupees

There is a line in the poem ‘Bir’ written by Ramdhari Singh Dinkar, “When people persist, water becomes stone.” This means that a person can achieve success in life even if he wants to face many challenges. Because hard work takes us to the heights. An example of this is Shibam Sisodia, who once started selling phuchka on the streets. Today, due to his hard work, he has become the owner of EV Rental Company. Shivam Sisodia has become an inspiration to many people today.

Today Shibam runs its own company

Shivam Sisodia is a resident of Hyderabad. There was a time in his life when he used to sell phuchka on the street. However, it is said that time does not always remain the same, it changes. Shivam’s story is similar, the man who sold Fuchka has become the owner of an electric car company today. (Shivam Sisodia, Founder and CEO of Bijliride Company)

Wanted to do something different

Shivam, who studied from NIT Rourkela, used to sell phuchka on the streets of Hyderabad in 2016. Usually most people underestimate or underestimate certain tasks. But Shivam never considered any work small. He always wanted to try something different and new. From this thought he also conducted various experiments in Fuchka.

He also pays attention to the taste of the water poured into the puddle and tries to make it more palatable. Gradually people started liking his hand-made Fuchka because of its different and excellent taste. And their work continues to be good. Following this, he once got the opportunity to set up a Fuchka stall at his wedding.

Has established its own electric rental car company

Shivam, a former NIT student, wanted to make better use of his education. He wanted to do something to solve people’s problems. Under such circumstances he gained experience working as a product manager and business analyst at Amazon. In 2020, he set up his own electric vehicle rental company in Hyderabad called BijliRide.

This Shivam company (Bijliride) provides electric car services to the people on weekly, daily and monthly rent. Also, his company provides 24 × ৭ on-road battery swapping service in half an hour. Gradually the business continued to grow, and today 80 cars have been added to his company. According to a report, the one-day subscription of Shivam’s company Bijliride has been fixed at Rs 250, Rs 1,300 per week and Rs 4,900 per month.

Income of lakhs of rupees per month

Although not everyone can do business, starting with the right strategy can lead to good profits. Shivam is earning lakhs of rupees through his company. Starting any business is not easy. Shivam also faced many challenges in starting this business.

However, he decided not to give up. In the future, Shivam wants to bring 400 to 500 EVs on the road so that its customers do not face any problem in renting a car. At present 15 people are working in his company.

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