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Now you can update the mobile number of Aadhaar card sitting at home, know the whole procedure

People go to the Aadhaar card center to make their Aadhaar card. The people who make the cards there make a lot of mistakes in a hurry. If there is any such mistake in your Aadhaar card, then you need not be afraid. Now you can fix these mistakes at home.

Many Aadhaar cards have their names, father’s names, addresses etc. printed incorrectly. This kind of mistake can be seen in many cards. Due to which people have to face various problems in necessary work. People have to come and go to the Aadhaar service center a few times to correct the mistake of Aadhaar. As a result, people’s money is wasted along with time.

The Government of India has made Aadhaar mandatory for any government or non-government job, preparation of necessary documents or opening a bank account, even buying a SIM. Because Aadhaar contains your picture, name, address, mobile number and biometric etc. And if there is any kind of error in making Aadhaar, then we have to face many problems while doing any work.

If your Aadhaar card also has such errors, it is very important to have a mobile number in your Aadhaar to correct such errors. If for any reason your mobile number is changed or lost, it is very important to update the new number in Aadhaar. Now you don’t have to go anywhere to update your mobile number in Aadhaar. You can do this from your mobile at home.

How to update mobile number in Aadhaar?

1) First you need to https // in Chrome browser of your You have to search by typing.

2) Then the official website of Aadhaar will open in front of you. Then you have to choose the option to update the mobile number on the home page.

3) You then have to enter your mobile number which you want to update in your base.

4) Then you have to type the captcha code shown in front and click on Get OTP button.

5) Then an OTP will come to your mobile number.

6) Write it and click on Proceed option.

7) A month will open in front of you, which will note all the services provided by you. In it you will see mobile number, name, address, email options.

6) From this you have to choose the option to update the mobile number and fill in all the requested information.

9) Then you have to fill the captcha and verify the OTP received on your mobile number.

10) Then click on Save & Proceed to submit the final.

This way you can update your mobile number on your Aadhaar card.

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