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Not 1 or 2, the makers of KGF 2 made 5 big mistakes

The recently released film KGF Chapter 2 by Yash, the most popular actor in the South, has shaken the world. The film was released on April 14, and has since grossed over Rs 900 crore. The audience is liking the extraordinary story, drama and action of the film.

But the funny thing is that the makers of this film have made a lot of mistakes, which may not have caught the eye of the fans. In today’s report we will learn about five mistakes made in KGF Chapter 2.


1) Transformed thugs

KGF Chapter 2 shows a scene where the news of Rajendra Desai’s death comes on TV and Rima gets ready to go to see her father without informing Yash. Meanwhile, John kidnaps her on the way and when the news reaches Rocky he goes to rescue Rima with his bulletproof car.

After fierce action on the way, John arrives at the base of the impatient and then Rocky arrives at the same place. But many of John’s companions attacked him. Meanwhile, a remarkable thing came out that he killed a thug dressed in colorful clothes with a stick but a thug wearing a black suit-boot fell to the ground.


2) Changed Ramika Sen.

At the beginning of the KGF, it was seen that the Prime Minister of the country was taking special decision against Rocky. But her face is not shown at that time and when KGF chapter 2 is published, Ravina Tandon is introduced to it, even her face is shown.


3) The barricade did not move even an inch even though the police car was blown up.

In one scene in the photo, the police go to the police station with Rocky’s gold biscuits and find out about Yash, then he goes straight to the police station without delay and then comes out with his gold. This time, everyone thinks this is the end of the matter. But when Rocky goes outside, he pulls out his gun and blows up the police cars parked there.

The attack was so fast that all the cars started flying in the air one by one. But the funny thing is that the barricade does not move from its place.


4) Both jeeps have the same number.

The vehicles in the picture are seen flying outside the police station. The registration number of their jeep is also the same. In fact, 2 out of 4 cars number 767 and 2 number 140.


5) The rocket ran backwards instead of forwards

In the film, when the protagonist Rocky arrives at the KGF with Inayet Khalil and Kalasnikov, he first takes his revenge before being impatient. Rocky is seen with his team on one side of the ditch and Adhira is seen with his team ball on the other. At that moment, Adhira and his companions started laughing when they saw Rocky and then got up with the gun.

One of Adhira’s companions is standing with a rocket launcher which blows up Rocky’s truck. But the funny thing is when the rocket comes out of the launcher, a flame of fire can be seen from behind it.

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