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“No wonder about South movie” – Anil Kapoor opened his mouth with Southern movie

The South Indian film industry is in strong competition with Bollywood. One southern superhit film after another has put Bollywood in competition. According to many, Bollywood is losing, to the southern film. According to many, the southern picture is colliding with the Bollywood picture. Today I will tell you what Anil Kapoor said about this.

Anil Kapoor is one of the veteran actors of Bollywood. He has made one Hindi movie after another at a time. Actor Anil Kapoor was present on the stage to promote KGF Chapter 2. One person asked Anil Kapoor, Southern cinema is dominating the box office these days, do you think Southern films are being made quite differently from Bollywood?

Southern films can compete with Bollywood? Anil Kapoor then answers this question, you asked the wrong person. The southern film industry has always made good films. ‘Ever since I came to my senses, I’ve seen people love to see pictures of the South. Whether it is Ram and Shyam or “Who took you”.

I don’t know if you have seen the movie ‘Tuje Ke Liye Hok’. This picture was made very well by Mr. Babu. This picture was very inspiring for me. ‘When I started my career, it started from the southern picture. My first picture was “As a leading man. “It was a Telugu movie.”

‘From this film I learned professionalism, dedication and discipline. I have worked on this film with Mr. Babu. Then I did a Canadian photo. That too was a southern picture. The film was the first film made by Moni Ratnam. I have done many more southern pictures since this photo. I have done action pictures – “Rakhbala, Insaf Ki Awaaz” etc. I have done two pictures of Satish Ji. There were two southern pictures –

“Hum aapke dil rahete he, hamara dil aapke paas he” were two pictures that were super hits. South Indian pictures were always good story good pictures and technically very good. He added that the southern picture has always been good, is going well and will continue to be good in the future. ‘I will never forget the great directors and their words always remind me. So I was not surprised with the southern picture. It was meant to be, and it will continue to be so in the future. ‘

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