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No, not love, Ruposhi Nita Ambani agreed to marry Mukesh Ambani on this very condition

The richest man in Asia is Mukesh Ambani. The Ambanis are always the talk of the town for their lifestyle. Mukesh Ambani’s wife, Nita Ambani, was the most talked about person in the Ambani family. She is the talk of the town most of the time for her style, fashion and luxury items. He also helps Mukesh in business. Nita Ambani loves to use expensive things for which she is always a topic of discussion. There is nothing in the world that the Ambanis do not have.

And if we talk about the personal life of Nita and Mukesh Ambani, then it can be said that the love story of this couple is no less than any film love story. Nite Ambani was the daughter of an ordinary middle class family, whom Mukesh’s father Dhirubai Ambani liked for Mukesh. But very few people know that Nita Ambani had placed a condition with Mukesh Ambani before marriage and then he agreed to the marriage. Let’s not know the subject of this article.

Mukesh Ambani and Nita Ambani tied the knot on March 7, 1975. Nita Ambani said in an interview that Mukesh’s father Dhirubai and mother Kokila Ben Nita were seen at a dance party. They liked Nita’s dance very much. Dhirubai then called Nita’s house and proposed marriage to Nita. It was a great surprise for Nita’s family that the richest man in the country called them. This is good news for Nita’s house but Nita was very worried about this marriage. Because he thought that if he got married in such a rich family, no one would allow him to work anymore. And he never wanted to leave his job.

Let it be known that Nita was a teacher in a school. And there he received a salary of 600 rupees. Nita then made a condition to Dhirubai and Kokila Ben that she would marry only if she was allowed to work after marriage. Mukesh’s parents agreed to Nita’s terms and then Nita and Mukesh tied the knot.

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