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No less than a luxurious five star hotel Alia Ranbir’s new home, see pictures of Andarmahal

Bollywood’s cute couple Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor have recently tied the knot. Both of them are in the headlines now. At present, Alia Bhatt, daughter-in-law of Kapoor family, has started living in her house with her husband Ranbir Kapoor. Which is located in the Pali area of ​​Mumbai city. This area is the best and the most aristocratic.

Let me tell you, in 2016, actor Ranbir Kapoor moved to this apartment away from the house of his father Rishi Kapoor and mother Neetu Kapoor. Ranbir Kapoor has been living here ever since. Alia Bhatt is currently the new member of this house. Let’s find out now from their luxurious home –

The interior of Ranbir Kapoor’s private apartment has been designed by successful and famous interior designer Gauri Khan, who is the wife of Bollywood ‘King Khan’ i.e. Shah Rukh Khan. He did not put any flaws in his work so the house has got a really impeccable look. The interior of this luxurious house is as beautiful from the outside as it is beautiful. The whole house is made of regal and ancient designs, due to which very beautiful and stylish design can be noticed in almost all the parts of the house. Most of the house is white, because both Alia and Ranbir love white.

The living room of this house of Alia Ranbir is also worth seeing, it is lighted according to the color of the wall, along with the yellow sofa and the mattress has a suitable carpet. The furniture inside is very expensive and fancy. The house is decorated with small trees. Note that they dated each other for 5 years before marriage. They were also about to live-in for a while.

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