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Mother and son started a great business together, today the monthly income is a few lakh rupees

Nowadays agriculture has become a profession, many people are leaving their jobs and trying to make agriculture their career. Sometimes it becomes difficult to find a good alternative in agriculture and earn good money. Mushroom cultivation is a good option in such situations. In the last few years, many farmers have turned to mushroom cultivation, which is more profitable at a lower cost.

Mushrooms are beneficial for our health in many ways, due to which its demand in the market is very high. So it is possible to earn a lot of money by cultivating it. Mother and son are earning lakhs of rupees by cultivating mushrooms, then let us know about them.

Who is that mother-son?

Jithu Thomas and his mother Leena Thomas have been the talk of the town these days. In fact, this mother-son duo living in Kerala is not only making a profit from mushroom production, but also providing employment to other people. Having done this for four years, they are moving towards success day by day.

Jithu likes to do new experiments since childhood

Jithu Thomas and his mother are originally from Ernakulam, Kerala. Jithu loved experimentation since childhood. So when he first made mushrooms, he was only 19 years old. But at the time he thought he was doing this to pass the time. Gradually, however, he became interested in the work and moved on.

As a result, mushroom production has reached new heights today.
At present they are doing this job very well. As a result, they are getting very good results. He said in an interview that whenever he had time, he would read and collect information on mushroom cultivation. For this, he would sometimes search online from books. His interest in gathering more information about mushroom cultivation attracted his attention.

Mushrooms can also be cultivated in a small area

Mushroom cultivation does not require much land, it can be grown in a small house. It is also not necessary to cultivate it in a large area. Jithu and his Mao started this work from a small place. However, with the increase in income, its scope also increases.

The mother-son pair earns Rs 40,000 a day

Speaking to media, Jithu Thomas’ mother Lina Thomas said that she and her son are currently cultivating 5,000 square feet of mushrooms. He has also set up a laboratory to further this work. In terms of production and income, both are producing 1 quintal of mushrooms per day. Due to which they earn about 35 to 40 thousand rupees every day.

Lena Thomas has been doing this for a long time. However, not too many mushrooms were produced. Then when she learns of her son Jithu’s interest, he supports her and inspires her to move on.

This variety of mushroom is cultivated in India

Although there are 1000 species of mushrooms in the world. However, depending on the climate of our country, 5 types of mushrooms (White Button Mushroom, Jingri / Oyster Mushroom, Milky Mushroom, Shita Mushroom and Pedistra Mushroom) are cultivated on commercial basis.

It is rich in many kinds of nutrients which are very beneficial for our body. The protein found in it fixes the amount of protein in our body. It also contains a substance called choline, which is good for our brain. It also helps in diabetes and weight loss.

Many products are being made from mushrooms

Mushrooms are also used as a nutritious food and medicine. In addition, farmers are now selling a variety of products made from mushrooms, which is making a good profit.

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