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Modification of old Ambassador car with discarded garbage, whole Netdunia shocked by pictures

There is no shortage of talented people in the country. Be it dance or artistic thinking. The trend of creating something new in present day India is now often seen in the news. When they go viral on social media, who else sees that person. Sundar Gurjar, a resident of Indore in Madhya Pradesh, also introduced an artistic idea. Let’s find out the details.

He is an artist by profession. He works in fine arts as well as mural arts. He has given a new look to the broken ambassador. It would never have been possible without a talented artist. He said that the idea of ​​such an innovation came to him as the model of the Ambassador car was discontinued.

Sundar Gurjar has given a new look to the old ambassador by using 1000 kg small and big scrap. It took 3 months to give the car a new look. Used a variety of materials, including pieces of iron, on the outside of the car. He also did the drawing himself. Then he carved it and gave it a creative look inside and out.

It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. In addition to these, 600 kg of nut shells and 400 kg of car chains have been used in the car. Everyone in the film is praising that person a lot. Everyone made good comments. Lots of likes too. Lots of viral pictures have been shared.

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