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Mithun will also beat Aishwarya Rai in terms of beauty

Who doesn’t know Mithun Chakraborty today! This actor does not need any other identity today. He is known as Dada in the Bollywood industry. In such a situation, Mithun Chakraborty’s daughter Dishani Chakraborty (Dishani Chakraborty) is in the headlines, because according to the headline, she is going to make her debut in Bollywood very soon. With this, a surprising news has come out.

Dishani Chakraborty

Dishani is not only Mithun’s, but also the darling daughter of everyone in the family. But one thing you will be surprised to know is that Dishani is not Mithun’s own daughter. He was found in the dustbin many years ago. What, are you surprised to hear? But that is the truth. Mithun adopts him, and since then has raised Dishani with great affection.

Dishani Chakraborty

Now Dishani has grown a lot, and is about to make her Bollywood debut, and now she looks very glamorous and stylish. Dishani is very active on social media and has a lot of fan following. His favorite actor is Salman Khan. Since he is a member of the film family, he now wants to act in films.

Dishani Chakraborty

As per the headline, it is known that Dishani is doing acting course from New York Film Academy because he wants to build his career in film. Regarding Dishani’s entry into the film industry, Mithun said that it would be a great pleasure for her if her daughter wanted to enter the film industry.

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