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Mayank, the youngest judge in the country at just 21 years old, achieved success due to his hard work.

Success is important in everyone’s life. Dwarves work hard in their lives just to be successful. Mayank Pratap Singh of Rajasthan has also faced success after his hard work. Mayank has proved to be the youngest judge in India. At just 21 years old, he has come to this position with hard work. Let’s not know too much about him.

Born in Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, Mayank Pratap Singh has been good at reading and writing since childhood. After completing Class XII, he was admitted to the University of Rajasthan LLB course in 2014. From the very beginning Mayank was focused on his goal.

He dreamed of becoming a judge

Mayank always had in mind that there were many shots pending in the court. It needs a judge. So he wants to be a judge and give justice to the people. As a result, he passed the test on his first attempt. Mayank made history by passing that test at an opportunity that took many years to pass.

Mayank worked hard for it. He did not notice day and night while studying. His only goal was to pass the test. He used to study a lot. He valued education with the dream of becoming a judge. The result of this hard work is that he passed this difficult test at such a young age.

Until 2016, the minimum age for applying for the Judicial Services Examination was 23 years. But in 2019, the Rajasthan High Court reduced the age limit for applicants to 21 years. Mayank got the benefit of this thing. He has earned the honor of being the youngest judge by taking advantage of this opportunity through his hard work.

Mayank’s family members have contributed a lot to fulfilling his dream. Mayank also gave full credit for his success to his family and teachers. He thinks that it would not have been possible to pass this test without their cooperation. It has been possible with the cooperation of all. Today, Mayank Pratap Singh has become an inspiration to all the youth of the country.

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