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Many dried up ponds and lakes have been revived

“Life is another name for water,” we have known since childhood. Every drop of water is very valuable in human life. The meaning of this word is also given in educational institutions. But in reality this word is completely neglected. Due to which water crisis has arisen in the current situation. It is very important to conserve water to avoid this water crisis. However, there are some people in our society who understand the importance of water. And continues to work to conserve water to avoid water crisis. In today’s report I will introduce you to a man who has set an example of inspiration for others.

Yes, he is Mr. Manikandan. Manikandan G is a resident of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. He is working on water conservation in the current situation i.e. water crisis and understanding the usefulness of water in human life. He has been working on water conservation for several years now seeing the water problem. Let’s find out the details!
Although 3 percent of the world’s water is 1 percent of the land, there are many places where people suffer from water problems. Water problems are especially prevalent this summer. There are many places in our country where in summer the dog rivers and canals all dry up and even the water level goes far below the ground. Due to which many people have to face problems. But this Manikandan G has been digging ponds, lakes, rivers and canals for the last 20 years considering the water crisis and conservation. Manikandan Babu had a water crisis in the area several years ago.

In an interview, when Manikandan GK was asked about his social work, he replied that the financial condition of the people in our village is not so good that every house will have a boring tube. So most of the people in the area depend on well water. But there comes a time when the water in the wells starts to dry up and people have to face problems. People had to fetch water from far away. In particular, it became a difficult challenge for people during the summer. Then people realized how valuable a drop of water is. Seeing this cry of water, he became the first water conservation initiative.

Recently, Manikandan Babu started water conservation with the first initiative but later the people of the village became his followers. Seeing this water crisis, Manikandan Babu found a solution to this problem in 2000. And on his initiative began to conserve water by digging lakes, tube wells, rivers and ponds.
If we talk about Munikandan Babu’s personal life, he has only studied till 8th class. Although he is not highly educated, his social work is a godsend to the people of the village. Because water is life, people need water to survive in daily life.

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