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Manoj Vajpayee’s love story will defeat the story of the movie too, at first sight the mind sat with Shabana

There are many actors in Bollywood who reign in people’s hearts because of their handsome looks. There are also actors who have taken their place in people’s hearts only because of their acting. Like Manoj Vajpayee. He is an actor who knows how to win people’s hearts through his acting.

He has made more than 60 superhit films. Manoj Vajpayee’s wife’s name is Shabana and she is known as an artist. But do you know the love story of Manoj and Shabana? How did their story begin? Let’s know through this article. In an interview, Manoj Vajpayee talked about his love life.

He said that he fell in love with Shabana at first sight. The two met at a Bollywood party in 1997. Manoj was married at that time. But later she got divorced. When Manoj and Shabana met, they were working together on the film ‘Karib’. That was Sabana’s debut film.

The two then dated for a long time and then got married in 2006. Now they both have a daughter. According to Manoj’s biography ‘Kuch Pane Ki Jid’, Manoj Vajpayee said, ‘When I arrived at the party, I saw a girl sitting without makeup. She has oil in her hair and glasses in her eyes.

So I was a little surprised. Because no Bollywood heroine has the courage to come to the party with oil in her hair. So when I saw it, I fell in love with its simplicity. ‘ He said Shabana was depressed at the time. Because his film ‘Carib’ flopped at the box office and he had only one more film after that.

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