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Mandakini to return to industry after 26 years

Mandakini, the famous actress of Raj Kapoor’s famous film ‘Ram Teri Ganga Mali’, is about to return to the world of entertainment after 28 years. In fact, Mandakini is going to make a comeback through a video album. Mandakini’s son Rabil will also be seen in this music video. Mandakini’s comeback was announced at a recent press conference.

Crowds flock to see Mandakini where it is shot. At this point Mandakini gets angry at a question related to her past. When asked about Dawood, the actress got angry. A press conference was held in Mumbai on Mandakini’s comeback. It is no secret that Mandakini had an affair with underworld don Dawood Ibrahim.

During the press conference, a journalist asked Dawood about this. Mandakini did not say anything to the questioner, but was furious at the PRO of the show. Perhaps the PRO assured the actress that no one would question her about David.
Mandakini’s name was associated with David.
After the release of ‘Ram Teri Ganga Mali’, Mandakini became an overnight star.

Discussions about her beauty started everywhere. In this situation, the underworld came to the notice of Don Dawood Ibrahim. Discussions began about Mandakini’s relationship with David. This began to have a negative effect on Mandakini’s film career.

Although Mandakini calls it just a friendship. Now again, when asked about the past, Mandakini said, he has already said a lot about it, now he does not want to say anything about it. “I still feel bad when people add my name to this incident,” he said.

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